Iseki TQ13-KXA1V (25343)

Sale price¥1,309,652
In stock
Control No. 25343
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-11-20 14:59:14 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TQ13-KXA1V
Horse Power 13
Hour Meter 30
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Ide clock 13 horsepower, power power, automatic horizontal, automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated tower, fuel stadium, sedicated lit, dollar, drink hola, lotal lid 1123cc same as horsepower The large displacement engine is tenacious! (Equivalent new car 1, 612, 600, current model high -age type) (Note) Working machine about public road driving! 。 (2) If there is a display width of 1m60cm, it will exceed 1m70cm. (3) Drive Halo must be particularly careful. License cannot be obtained. (5) 5) Ride field planting machines 3, 4 Conventions, etc. are also required at the time of purchase (6) Please obtain a large special license (for farming). There is a small tire that does not have any problem in the use of dirt. Easy cleaning repair paint Delivery. It does not need to be unnecessary repainting that leads to environmental pollution soil contamination due to paint peel Please purchase at a store with a security, trust, technical, national test technician, and a store with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries certified and maintained. It will cause a great deal of inconvenience to the delivery company that will deliver by cheap mixed flights. Selling] Sell] KE50 Han Mana Fifth (No Lotary) Izhi TH193Q Full equipment in stock [Quick チ specification] Ichiki TH185B Full equipment in stock [Quick ヒ specification] GF130 Full equipment in stock [business talks Middle] Imprei TC13X horizontal cultivated deep reversal with KB18 Full Equipment in stock, Iki TH18Q Full Equipment Ingredients AC10 Full Claw Laise TM16KXZ Full Equipment Equipment TH18B Full Equipment Equipment ST cultivated reversal in stock jb11 cultivated reversal Impreity Iki TQ17LKXZ Full Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Ingredients Ide TH213 Semi -Curor Reliable in stock 1m60㎝ Lotary Equipment in stock [Selling] Mitsui MT200 Full equipment Ingredients in stock Equipment THS20 Full Equipment Iki TH213Q Full Equipment TH205Q Full Equipment TH20B Full Equipment In stock, Improve Full Equipment Izhiko TH253GQ ノ ノ Class Fear Equipment TH255Q Full equipment in stock EF224 Full Equipment Equipment EF224 Full Equipment Equipment Equipment Ingredce TH233GQ TH233GQ Fully Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Please contact us for inspection, maintenance, maintenance, details, price, etc. Used riding rice planting machine arrival information PQZ43K-ULF 37 shares of the clankly fertilizer Supporting Power Square Nashi Nashi Nashi Lotus Package PQZ5DUL Selotal 37 Shake -shaped plant compatible Persistent Package Packed Lotus Packed PQZ4DUL Selotal 37 Seaside Compatible Persistent Power Lotus In stock with Lotus Lotus [During business negotiations] P4 arrival [Sold ] Yanmar PE1A arrival Yan Ma PES1 Ingredients LC4 (Kurbota JC4) Passo Clank Leilty II PQZ4DUL Passa Steprotal 37 Shake -shaped planting Personal Large Lotus Lotus PQZ45SULF Lotary fertilizer 37 -share compatible policy -ni -nashi -nashi carrier Ide PQZ43DULF Selpastrotal fertilizer 37 -share -shaped pleasure compatible policy in stock [business negotiations] Impro Ppz4DLF Passo Leil Clank League Machinery 37 Delivery Collection Restaurant with Large Letter Rocks with Lotus Lotus PQZ4DULF Sel 37 fertilizer fertilizers Supported Power Taichi Nashikashi Lotor Lotor [Selling] Sell P-450F Cellic Passo Lotary Fertilizer Nashikashi Lotus Lotus Lotus In stock 37 fertilizer 37 pillows compatible with stocks In stock with the ground [business negotiations] Izhi PQZ45DULF Seri Passo Lotary Fertilizer 37 Shadow -compatible Personal Lotus Packed PPZ4SD PPZ4SD Pass Clank Leilty 37 Shade Filled II PQZ45DULF Selo Tari -fertilizer 37 -stock compatible policy Please contact us for information on arrival inspection and maintenance, details, price, etc. with a rotor.

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