Name KiliMOL Ltd. 
President Mikio Oyama
Established Date 25th May, 2021
Shareholder Wholly owned by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
Headquarter 1-1 Toranomon 2-Chome, Minato ward, Tokyo, 105-8688, Japan
Business Sales, Import and Export of new and used agricultural machinery
Sales, Import and Export of agricultural machinery parts
Operation of E-Commerce website
Secondhand dealer license number
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 301111906593
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Contributing to the Evolvement of African Agriculture

Our purpose is to contribute to a food secure society and creating an opportunity for agricultural transformation in Africa.


Bringing New Light into African Agriculture

We hope to stimulate an “Agricultural Revolution” in Africa, and pave the way for the prosperous future of its people and eliminate any future food shortages.

We will endeavor to assist farmers in introducing appropriate crops and agriculture methods in Africa through the use of modern agricultural machinery. As a company, we aim to be trailblazers in bringing modern farming techniques to Africa.


Enriching Africa with New Agriculture

With the introduction of advanced agricultural machinery, technology, and distribution systems, we will support and promote African agricultural and help improve food conditions across the continent.

We will also build an international intermodal transportation system to facilitate the distribution of agricultural machinery across Africa.



Contributing to the future of Africa by working with and for the people of Africa

We will work together with the people of Africa to overcome challenges and find solutions, without any borders in our hearts. Working together with high aspirations, we can create a bright future, with our activities based on the “San-Gen-Shugi principal” (go to the site, make direct observations, and determine the facts).

Crossing borders and sailing the seas connecting Japan to Africa
- A new “Agriculture Pathway”, KiliMOL

To help create a sustainable and better World, we are continuing to boldly tackle the many challenges that exist. One of the major challenges facing us is the balance between population and food. The goal is to create a food secure future for all people. 

As a first step toward realizing this, KiliMOL was started to contribute to agricultural development in Africa. KiliMOL is an initiative to boost agricultural productivity in Africa through the importation of agricultural machinery, technology, and distribution systems. The company name KiliMOL is derived from a combination of  the Swahili word for agriculture, "Kilimo,“ and "MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.)“. The name symbolizes our partnership with the people of Africa for a new era in African agriculture. Partnerships were made with Karasawa Agriculture Machinery Service Co., Ltd., which operates Noukinavi (Japan's largest domestic agricultural machinery distribution site). Karasawa Agriculture Machinery’s desire to “advance global agriculture“ and MOL’s dream of “a new agricultural light in Africa,“ overlap and complement each other.

We will open a new "Agriculture Pathway" between Japan and Africa, as a gateway to cross-border agricultural machinery distribution and the transport by ship of agricultural machinery.

Changing Agriculture in Africa by the spread in use of Agriculture Machinery

 In terms of farmland area per farmer and the number of tractors per unit area of farmland today, Africa trails far behind the rest of the world. The scale of farming is very small, and most farm work depends heavily on animal and human power.

KiliMOL aims to change this situation. Commonly used agricultural machinery in Japan, which is highly valued worldwide in terms of quality, function, and price, and that can meet the local needs of farmers, will be sold on our EC website. Your machinery will be transported using our modern Car Carrier Vessels, which operate between Japan and South-East Africa twice a month.

We want to bring about a change in agriculture methods in Africa by selecting and customizing products that match the climate, characteristics, and cultivation cycles of the farmland of your region, confirmed through field demonstrations. We will also provide support in the form of operation and maintenance services, and help improve local technology know-how.

Solving cross-border issues

In Africa, where small farmer holdings are popular, Japanese agricultural machines 
which are relatively small and rich in functions are expected to be useful in many situations. KiliMOL has the mobility and flexibility to match the agricultural promotion measures of local unions and agricultural corporations with the most suitable and effective agricultural equipment. 
We are working with the local populations to drive the evolution of agriculture in Africa. KiliMOL looks forward to partnering with you and bringing about a new dawn in African agriculture.


Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) Group has provided safe and reliable transport of a variety of goods, including resources, energy, raw materials, and finished products, supporting the lives and industries of people worldwide for over 130 years.

In total we have one of the world's largest fleets of 742 vessels (as of end of March, 2020) and are a "full-line marine transportation group" that handles the transportation needs of a broad range of industries.
We have bases * in 42 countries and regions worldwide. Each of our locations offers optimal solutions that address the specific needs of various industries and countries such as smooth ocean transportation, terminal loading and unloading, logistics to final destinations, and support for unexpected events.
Utilizing the global network of the MOL Group, we actively collaborate with partners worldwide and provide fine-tuned services not only for domestic transportation, but also for trilateral transportation and door-to-door transportation within each country.
MOL has a strong connection with East and South Africa and has the world's second best record of transporting 45,662 units of used cars by PCCs (Pure Car Carriers) in 2019.
*Subsidiaries in which MOL owns more than 50% of their stock including some affiliates.

Name Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
H.Q 1-1 Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8688, Japan
Established Year 1884
Capital JPY 65,400,351,028
Shares Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange
Number of Employees 1,078
Total Number of MOL Group Companies 471
Total Number of MOL Group Employees 8,931
MOL Group Operating Fleets 742/54,772 thousand tons (number/deadweight tons)
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 <Karasawa Nouki Service>

"Karasawa SS Service" was founded as a subcontractor specializing in "regeneration and maintenance" of SS (speed sprayer), a major pest control machine manufacturer by the current president, Karasawa's father in 1992.
Refurbishment maintenance is maintenance that recycles used agricultural machinery as if it were new by disassembling and cleaning it and replacing it with new parts. For local farmers who couldn't buy expensive new agricultural machinery, they offered agricultural machinery as good as new for about half the price of new ones.

Karasawa Nouki(*) Service Co., Ltd., which was taken over by the current president Karasawa in 2007, continues to expand its business by entering not only the farm equipment repair and sales business but also the Internet business. The quality of repairs from the predecessor has been firmly inherited, and it has won the first place in the professional service contest of Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery in Japan, which commends the technology related to agricultural machine repair. Now, utilizing that know-how, we recycle used agricultural machinery as well as new agricultural machinery, and provide high-quality agricultural machinery to farmers all over Japan in the Internet market "Nouki Navi".

(*) "Nouki" means agricultural machinery

Name Karasawa Nouki Service Co., Ltd.
President Takeyuki Karasawa
Established Year 1992
Headquarter 846-1 Kurakake, Tomi-shi, Nagano-ken 389-0502, Japan
Number of Employees 31
Business New/Used Agriculture Machinery Sale, Repair & Maintenance, Internet (Web Consulting, Web Shop Management)
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