KiliMOL handles small Rice Milling Machine "Skelton" of Japanese Brand "KANRYU."
With this machine, you can mill your rice by yourself and even start local rice miller business.


- Model     : SKELTON A-1
- Capacity : 110kg/hour
- Function : Husking from Paddy Rice & Rice Milling from Brown Rice
- Husking  : Impact method by impleller
- Milling     : Friction method
- Bran removal : Suction fan system
- Engine Output : 3.0 - 4.8 kW (4.0 - 6.5 HP)
- Hopper Capacity : 27kg (Paddy Rice), 14kg (Brown Rice)
- Dimention: 840mm(w) x 700mm(d) x 1,280mm(h) (Main Body)
- Weight     : 94kg (Main Body)

Please find the below introduction movie.

Please find instructions below on how to start rice milling machine.


KiliMOL handles Destoners of KANRYU too.

This is very simple. You just need pour the milled rice from the top entry, and you'll receive clean white rice without small stones and broken rice.

- Model     : ST102S
- Capacity : 150kg/h
- Function : Removal of small stones and broken rice
- Motor Output : 0.1kW (0.13PS), 220V
- Dimentions : 400mm(w) x 260mm (d) x 415mm (h)
- Weight    : 17kg

You can download the brochure from here. 

KiliMOL sells Skelton & Destoner for KSh 587,375 in Kenya.

You can download its PDF instruction from here.

You can download the detailed "SKELTON A-1 Operation Manual" from here.