KiliMOL handles small Rice Milling Machine "Skelton" of Japanese Brand "KANRYU."
With this machine, you can mill your rice by yourself and even start local rice miller business.


- Model     : SKELTON A-1
- Capacity : 110kg/hour
- Function : Husking from Paddy Rice & Rice Milling from Brown Rice
- Husking  : Impact method by impleller
- Milling     : Friction method
- Bran removal : Suction fan system
- Engine Output : 3.0 - 4.8 kW (4.0 - 6.5 HP)
- Hopper Capacity : 27kg (Paddy Rice), 14kg (Brown Rice)
- Dimention: 840mm(w) x 700mm(d) x 1,280mm(h) (Main Body)
- Weight     : 94kg (Main Body)

Please find the below introduction movie.

Please find instructions below on how to start rice milling machine.



You can download the brochure from here. 

KiliMOL sells Skelton & Destoner for KSh 587,375 in Kenya.

You can download its PDF instruction from here.

You can download the detailed "SKELTON A-1 Operation Manual" from here.