Iseki TM165-KXZ (25028)

Sale price¥1,791,260
In stock
Control No. 25028
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-08-25 15:50:39 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TM165-KXZ
Horse Power 16
Hour Meter 278
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1350x3000x1900
Maintenance Maintained


Ide Circator TM165-KXZ Body Number: 000933 Wan-ONA car Awameter 278 hours It is a very beautiful machine! Driving*16.5 horsepower Degree*Awometer 278 hours*Automatic cultivation*horizontal*Super Futan*Ottori*Railing (pump)*Backup*PTO switching (regular, reverse)*4 Switching*4 Lotary model: ARM123 ( Tilling, about 120cm wide)*Safety flame*front wheel tires: 5.00-12*rear wheel tires: 8-18*Lotary mounting method: 2P (maintenance content)*Engin oil replacement*Freplacles replacement* -Tarie Case League Exchange *Lotary Letter Chang Caille Replacement*Appealed Fluores LLC replacement*Engin Kirifilter Replacement*Battery Replacement (Sales will be installed as soon as the sale is decided)*Cultivated nails New replacement*fuel Adjustment*Aquarium cleaning*Tires Air pressure adjustment*Each part of each part*Lower rust -prevented paint finish (other information)*The front wheel tires: It is very beautiful as shown in the image. You can still use it.**Batel: Please be assured that we will attach a new one as soon as the sale is decided*Tilling claws: We have replaced it with a new one at our company. 。。 ト ト まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで。 まで 車 まで 車 装 車 装 装 車 車 車。 車. Please note that there is a file scratch, etc.**ア ワ ア ア ア 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽 軽. In the case of our company's own flight (nearby prefectures), cash exchanges are also possible. In addition, if you have a bank transfer, you may be able to deliver cheaply by mixed flights if it matches. Please contact us for inquiries.*Please contact us to your mobile phone. Please check many detailed images in our home page. Please check from the maintenance scenery.

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