Kubota SR-J4 (24568)

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Control No. 24568
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-05-11 15:05:48 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model SR-J4
Horse Power 12
Hour Meter 239
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1550x2800x1600
Weight 600
Maintenance Maintained


It was purchased by farming, and it can be used immediately as it has been cleaned and maintained. The gamukurora was used for one -off after replacement with a new one. That's right. ● Clockbot bag pick-up SR-J4 ● 12 horsepower 3-cylinder dizzle ● Awerometer: 239H ● Running: Hydraulic shift 9 steps Rear 3rd step ● Electric cutting slack ● Hopper (about 2 .5 bags) ● Exhauster: Cuta, long flag, bundle -off (there is no binding function) ● Size (measurement) Total length: 280cm Full width: 155cm in total height: 160cm [Maintenance content / status, etc.] Filter Cleaning Right Lady Taka 〇 Family Cleaning Againstable Adjustable Batring: A good Engin Start Good Engin Start Good Engin Standing A well -launched engine, you can't see white smoke in exhaust. Lubrication Each Bet, Pully Inspection, Ruin, threshing operations OK (not performed in the field) 〇Malching Slide operation OK ○ Deep depth operation OK ○ Hoppo Expelation Censer OK ○ Gamukurora: Use only 1 sheet after replacement 。 There is still no sculpture on the ground surface. No cracks are seen. There is no leakage from the good stuffs. There is a repair mark on the hoppa (see the photo. There is no problem with the operation) 〇The lines are shown on the side of the right engine on the side as shown in the photo. 。 I confirmed the operation, including running for about 10 minutes after maintenance, but I confirmed the operation, but I did not see any abnormalities or abnormal noise. I did not demonstrate in the field. The accessories are all photos. Please note that even if it is a standard accessory such as instruction manual, it is not included in the photo that is not found in the photo. * It is stored in the warehouse. Please feel free to contact us. You can issue a receipt and sales certificate. If you need it, please apply after a successful bid. We are trying to publish as many photos as possible so that customers can make it easier to judge. We are checking the operation by our mechanic (content described in the product description) as far as we can use immediately, but it is not possible to guarantee everything due to the characteristics of used farming equipment. Please note that any warranty and affirmation are not possible. Please use it in the socks and nottane. Including points you do not notice, refusing to all the categories after delivery. There are some parts that are difficult to communicate in the explanation, so please check the actual product as much as possible. There is no regular holiday, but there may be absent due to delivery etc.. Please feel free to contact us. Details are described in the self -introduction column. If you click Decc_03 and click more on the top left of the screen, you can see the self -introduction column. We will welcome you (there is an alumbrage when loading it) Only the loading tool. Please bring it here. Please ask the delivery fee because it is possible to arrange the delivery here. , 000 yen 200km-40, 00km 300km-55, 500 yen 400km-70 We will ask for arrangements and payments with the highest bidder. Depending on the type of ship company, it may be refused if you can not transport it, so please be sure to check with the ship company before bidding. We will deliver the Osaka Nanko and Nagoya Port to each other at the pair platform (Osaka / Nagoya: 30,000 yen each). If it takes more than a week, please contact us in the question column in advance.) We will also sell it at stores, so if you purchase it, we will withdraw the cockside regardless of whether there is a bid. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

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