Sale price¥1,423,740
In stock
Control No. 24487
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-05-01 19:46:39 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer #N/A
Model MMT17
Horse Power 17
Hour Meter 378
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1450x3400x1800
Weight 850
Maintenance Maintained


Mitsubishi Tractor MMT17 Used Car Body Number: 55085 Awometer 378 hours only (aircraft size) Total width: 3400mm full width: 1450 mm Full height: 1800 kg Weight: 850kg (engine information)*16.5 horsepower dignity engine*3 78 hours*Four -wheel drive* Automatic cultivation*horizontal*PTO reversal*Dehublock*Safety flame*Lotary type: RP130S (about 130cm in cultivation width) (maintenance content)*Pencil 2.7L replacement*Frontacle Replacement of the Transmissing Care 17L* Lotary Leaf Case 1.5L Exchange*Lotary Ken Chang Directions Substitute 0.5L Replacement*Frequent Remova*Cournet Liquid Replacement*Engin Oil Filter Replacement*Missing Replacement*fuel replacement*Genuine Family replacement*front wheel tires (5.00) -12) Both left and right exchanges*Battery replacement (newly installed after sale)*Cultural nails newly replaced*Lotary-: Encourt side replacement*Lotary-: Encase side side-by-side replacement*Lotary-: Bracket side Coil Sale replacement*Lotary-: Bracket side-by-side replacement*Lotary-: Brachet side hand-lid replacement*Brake adjustment*Lower squirrel stop painting finish*Tire air pressure adjustment*Each partial high pressure washing (other)* Tire: Left and right at our company Please be assured that we have replaced it with a new one*There are many mountains as shown in the image. There are many mountains as shown in the image. It is still available. Bateli: As soon as the sale is decided, we will replace it with a new one*Each of each oil. メ メ メ メ 社.... It is in great shape. It is good from Idoling to high speed*Engin Reme: Although there are some squirrels, it is relatively beautiful as shown in the image.*Exterior: It is relatively beautiful as shown in the image, but for a used car There are dirt, scratches, squirrels, etc.**It is safe because both sides of the consumables, such as the use shields, and the rings have been replaced with new items. We also sell over -the -counter sales.*Please feel free to contact us, such as checking the current car, land transport quote. If the timing matches, you may be able to deliver cheaply by mixed flights, so please feel free to contact us. In the case of pick -up and in the case of our company (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. *If you contact us to your mobile phone, you can respond to the Smooth.

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