Yanmar Ke40-AUS2 (24372)

Sale price¥1,194,146
In stock
Control No. 24372
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-19 19:14:31 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model Ke40-AUS2
Horse Power 14
Hour Meter 219
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Yanmarato lactor 14 horsepower, automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated, lotalitaris, 1m20cm reversal (note) Return to the work machine with a work machine about public road driving! (1) A large special license is required if it exceeds 1m70cm in width. If there is a width of 1m60cm, it will exceed 1m70cm. (3) Drive hanar, etc. must be particularly careful. (5) Article 5 Ride Interpreting Machinery 3, 4 Conventions, etc. are also required at the time of purchase (6) Please obtain a large special license (for farming). There is a small cleaning repair painting. Delivery of environmental pollution soil polluting is not unnecessary repainting. Please purchase at a store with the certified maintenance shop. (Note) Chance fee 10 pads, 20 -panel fee after delivery arrangement will be charged. It will be annoying] Small lactor arrival information II TPC153CXZ Full Claf GF16 Horizontal cultivation In stock with reversal [Selling] KE1D KE1D In stock with cultivated reversal [Selling] Iki RTS18Q Full equipment in stock (current machine) ] Yanmar KE50 Hanmana Fail (No Lotary) In stock of KE14 Full equipment [business negotiations] ミ ヒ ヒ シ シ シ】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 In stock [Quick ヒ チ チ specification] Automatic cultivation automatic reversal in stock EG116 Full Equipment GF130 Full Equipment Equipment in stock TC13X horizontal cultivated reversal in stock KB18 Full equipment Ingredients in stock TH18Q Full equipment in stock Micola arrived 1m60㎝ Lotary [Large special license required ] Izhiko TH213B Full equipment in stock GS20 Full equipment in stock [Sold] Iki THS22UKXZ Full equipment in stock 30) Full equipment in stock [Sale Resources] GOZ26 Full Equipment [Selling] Iki TH265B Full Equipment in stockキ TH235Q Full equipment in stock [Sold] Mitsui MT200 Full equipment Izhi TH233B Full Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment CTX20 (Cuba GB200) Full Equipment Issuo THS20 Full Equipment (2 units in stock) Izhi TH213Q Full equipment 205Q Full equipment in stock inspection and maintenance, Please contact us for details, prices, etc.. Used riding rice planting machine arrival information PQZ4DUL セ ル 疎 疎 なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら ならIn stock pQZ5DUL Cell Passa Ste Lotary 37 Shade Filling Compatible Perspective Packed Lotus Packed PQZ4DUL Serotarotari 37 Shade planting Personal Nashimi Lotus Lotus Lotus PES1 Ingredients Ichi PP4 in stock [Sold] PE1A PE1A 1 Ingredients LC4 (Cubota JC4) Padas Stock Ranko Right PQZ4DUL Passo Passa Lotary 37 Shake -shaped Pattern Ritari Cubota JC3 In stock In stock with a tower PQZ43DULF ル ル ス スShake -planted Powerji Nashikashi Nashi Lotor [Business negotiations] Izhi PPZ4DLF Passo Ranko Fertilizer 37 Shake -shaped share compatible Personal Nashikashi Lotus Lotus Lotus Rocked PQZ4DULF Serotarotal fertilizer 37 Breakfast compatible In stock with a shore Cubota P-450F Celico Passo Lotary Fertilizer Pattern Nashi Nashikashi [Selling] Mitsubi Lv4 Passo Lotarotaria Nashimi Nashikukubota JC4A Pass Clank Lotus Rotating Marker 1 Fertilizer Improvement RPQ40DLF ル ル ハ テ 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 In stock with planting policeman [business negotiations] Iiki PQZ45DULF ハ ハ 疎 疎 疎 疎 疎 疎 疎】】】】】】】】】】゜ 37 fertilizer fertilizer fertilizer Please contact us for informed and maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, price, price, etc. with supported panel.

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