Iseki HVB217G-ZKSLWC (24260)

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Control No. 24260
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-05 11:26:47 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Horse Power 17
Hour Meter 250
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1610x2900x1920
Weight 1060
Maintenance Maintained


Irigo Competition HVB217G-ZKSLWC Beautiful goods Body number: 000770 Awometer 250 hours (aircraft size) Total length: 2900mm full width: 1610mm total height: 1920mm Weight: 1060kg (engine information)*17 horsepower Danjin*Awometer 250 hours *400L Gentank*Electric Seam Ogur*Automatic discharge. Storage*Storage*Power Staring*Deep Depth*Running HST HST No Dischannel*Running Deputy Gift 3rd Stage (Manual)*Intensive Instructionー ン ン**エ ン エ エEmergency stop*Cutter switching*Cutter switching*Gamukurora: Rong Wide Crawler Specifications*Croolor Width: 400mm (Super Handicch) Missing Kill 4.5L Exchange*Missing Filter replacement*antifreeze Course exchange*Intensive lubrine oil 0.7L replacement*new replacement (after sale) Newly installed (new installation)* New replacement all individuals* Calme blade-driving bed replacement*Gap hole gap adjustment*Gap protection sponge replacement*SA-34 Belt replacement*SB-66 Belt exchange*SB-72 Bet exchange*Transfer ring inspection*Transfer ring inspection Finished (Guess Up. Good)*Gamukurora: Detached and detached, tension adjustment assembly*Washed to the inside*Cleaning the inside*Each partial solution has been cleaning. As shown in the image, there is a mountain and it is in a beautiful state. There are some shiwas and small bids, but it is still available. It is a long -off color for the super wet fields in the appointment*Left grade classes: As shown in the image, there is a mountain and beautiful state. There are some shiwas, small, etc., but it is still available. It is a long -off color for the ultra -wet fields*Engin: Idoling -High -speed range is stable.*There is no rotation. It's good. It's good. As it is, it is small and beautiful. It is still available because it has already been removed. Please note that there are some dirt, scratches, rust, etc. for used use.**Engin Reme: It is in a beautiful state as shown in the image.*Awometer: Currently 250 hours. Please note that it may increase.**Tank and fade -chan can be easily attached and easy to clean.*Please feel free to contact us, such as checking the current car, land transportation quote, etc. Please feel free to contact us because it may be possible to deliver.*In the case of picking up by the customer and in the case of our company (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. Other bank transfer. **Please contact your mobile phone for inquiries.*Detailed images are posted on our home page. Please check all from the maintenance scenery.

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