Iseki PQZ5 (18029)

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Control No. 18029
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2022-12-10 10:34:26 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model PQZ5
Horse Power 0
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1900x2700x1600
Weight 430
Maintenance Maintained


[Aircraft Spec] ● Maker: Izhi ● Model: Iki P0465 ● Distribution: DUL ● Sales Model: PQZ5-DUL Transference: forward/n/backwards ● Vice transmission: planting speed/neutral/moving speed ● Work lever: upper/n/lower/planting ● PTO switching lever ● ハ ハ 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切DeFlock ● Switching number of shares ● Switching of the number of shares ● Leverage of the plant ● hydraulic sensitivity adjustment lever ● plant depth adjustment lever ● seedling amount: Adjustment lever ● Size (body) approx. Contents/status, etc. ◆ Engin Kill ... Replacement ◆ Missing ◆ Missing… Inspection ◆ ◆ Filter ◆ Cleaning ◆ Cleaning ◆ Family tension… Adjusted ◆ Girus Up/Lubricating ◆ Executive ◆ Unusual place ◆ ◆ None ◆ No fuel leakage ◆ No leakage. None ◆ Light… Normal ◆ Battery… available ◆ Tires (before)… Tires ◆ Tires (after)… available ◆ Instant blades ◆ Use ◆ There is no problem with basic operation. [Other aircraft information can be used. ] It is a product that the previous one has been handed over due to replacement. There is a peculiar squirrel, small scratches, and dirt peculiar to agricultural equipment. It can be used immediately after cleaning and maintained.

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