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Control No. 17927
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2022-12-02 20:47:05 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer #N/A
Model VS321
Horse Power 21
Hour Meter 173
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1680x3370x1980
Weight 1450
Maintenance Maintained


Mitsubishi Combine VS321 (Unit: 50203) Awometer 173 hours Both the left and right beautiful goods are replaced with the left and right! Whole article Mowing*21 horsepower engine*173 hours*Engin type S3L7-12C*driving hydraulic motor type HST non-transmission*2-stage folding type オ ー*600L Gentan Ta*Forced Kakikomi* Breaking down*height adjustment Dial*Hand and ナ カ カ ト ナ ナ ナ と ナ と と と 切り. 切り............ 容 容 容*Engin coil exchange*antifreeze (Coolant) Replacement*Intensive lubricating oil replacement*Engin Kirinar replacement*Replacement of the clinic*Replacement*fuel エ メ メ****)))))))*))))))))))))*)))))*)*)**))))**))**))))))*))))))))))))) Replaced (8 pieces in total) )*Shake plate Side Sale Packin replacement (left and right)*Road Baring 6 replacement*V-device replacement SA-35 replacement SA-43 replacement (1st Run drive Bet) ) SB-49 replacement (driving bed) SB-64 replacement (selection bite) SB-94 replacement*Family tension adjustment*Kaging blade: Dressing and decomposition gap coordination assembly*Each section, tension tension adjustment* Clean adjustment*Lower, sticking torso rust prevention paint finish*Washed to the inside (other information)*Right gamlor: Please be assured that we have replaced it with a new one. Please be assured that we have replaced it with a new one.*Supreme rings: Route: Good without any slogan. The deteriorated bedring has been replaced (6 pieces). Please be assured that we will hand over after replacement.**All eight blades: All 8 pieces have been replaced with genuine cut blades. It has been done.*Kogi teeth: As shown in the image, it can be used as little as the image is still small and still uses it. I think that it is a very beautiful product, but there are some dirt, scratches, squirrels, etc. for used cars.*Engin Reme: It was a beautiful state because it was a garage storage item. It may increase slightly due to inside movement or inspection.*Please check the current car confirmation and land transport estimate. If the timing is right, you may be able to deliver cheaply by mixed flights, so please feel free to consult us. Please give me the case in the case of picking up by the customer and in the case of the company (nearby prefectures). Cash exchange is also possible. Please use a bank transfer.*Many detailed images are listed in our home page. We are also listed.

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