Yanmar PeS-1 (25635)

Control No. 25635
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2024-03-09 21:12:25 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model PeS-1
Horse Power 4
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1335x2200x1230
Weight 195
Maintenance Maintained


Yanmar rice transplanter PeS-1 Used car body number: 107259 (body size) Overall length: 2200 mm Overall width: 1335 mm Overall height: 1230 mm Weight: Approximately 195 kg (engine information) * 4 row crank type planting * Gasoline Engine *Engine model: GA120HDR*Maximum output : 4.0 horsepower * Power steering * Starting method: Ricol start * Four-wheel drive * Current plant spacing: 60 plants * Unit clutch (row stop) * Planting number adjustment * Planting depth adjustment * CS Lever * Accelerator pedal (maintenance details) * Engine Oil 0.7L replacement * Rear axle oil 3L replacement * Air cleaner element replacement * Ignition plug BP6ES replacement * V-belt SA-29 Replacement * Recoil star rope replacement * Planting nail case removal and removal: Special grease replacement * Idling adjustment * Lower part anti-rust painting * Each Cover removed and removed. Cleaned to the inside (other information) *Front wheel tire: As shown in the image, it is in very good condition with little wear. Still usable.* Rear wheel tire: As shown in the picture, it is in very good condition with little wear. Can still be used* Engine: In excellent condition. Stable from idling to high speed range. * Planting claws: In very good condition. There is little wear and can still be used. * Planting operation: Operation has been confirmed with idle running. Planting, marker Both are in good condition. * Exterior: The inside of the engine room and the exterior are in relatively good condition as shown in the image. This is a one-owner car and has been stored in a garage. * It is a small and simple machine, so it is easy to handle. It is not large in scale. Ideal for small rice fields.*This is a relatively clean product, but since it is a used car, please note that there may be some dirt, scratches, rust, etc.*It does not have an hour meter, but it is rarely used. It seems to be a machine. *Please feel free to contact us to check the actual vehicle and get a land transportation estimate. *If the timing is right, we may be able to deliver it cheaply by consolidated delivery. Please feel free to contact us. *Cash Exchange is only possible if the customer picks up the item or if we can deliver it (nearby prefecture). Otherwise, please use bank transfer. Many detailed images are posted on our homepage. We are posting the maintenance scenery first, so please check it out.

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