Kubota SPU450P-R (25492)

Control No. 25492
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2024-01-11 10:52:24 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model SPU450P-R
Horse Power 9.7
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1480x2500x1460
Weight 350
Maintenance Maintained


Cubota Tada Planting SPU450P-R Beautiful Product Body Number: 55926 (Aircraft size) Total length 2500mm in width 1460 mm *Towaistart ( Cel. Leil コ ル)))))))))))) 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変 変***************** *Azugoe arm*Abe Gorebar*Preliminary seedling platform. Seedlayer complete*Fully equipped with the front wheels*Bakkaru*Seedlay amount adjustment*Installation depth adjustment*Interpretation adjustment lever*Number of shares:*Bodies: (Maintenance content )*Engin Oil 1.1L replacement*Ignition Plug BPR6HS Exchange*SB-38V Belt replacement*fuel cock Packin replacement*エ Clean sponge replacement*Battle replacement (new items are installed as soon as the sales are decided)*Instructions For Guess replacement*Covered Over Hall *Dinging adjustment*Each partial solution, cleaning to the inside (other information)*front wheel tire: There is a mountain as shown in the image. It is in a very beautiful state. It is in a very beautiful state. The decrease is small and it can still be used.*Instant claws: The decrease is small and it can still be used. As soon as the sale is decided, we will replace it with a new one before we will hand it over.*Exterior: I think that it is a relatively beautiful machine with the interior and exterior. Please feel free to contact us for land transport quote. If the timing is right, it may be possible to deliver cheaply by mixed flights. Please feel free to contact us. If it is possible to deliver (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. Please contact your mobile phone for any questions or concerns. Please check it out because it is posted on a number of home pages.

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