Yanmar EG330 (25462)

Control No. 25462
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2024-01-01 22:17:32 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model EG330
Horse Power 30
Hour Meter 181
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


"Product Details" Model Name: EG330 Operation: 181 Hours: 30 horsepower: 30 horsepower shifting PTO: 1 to 4 steps+reverse -untracked device: Automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated depth control, pumps, backing up, turning up Driving relationship: 2WD / 4WD / double -speed ヒ チ 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 付 付 付 付 ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ●: ● ル ●: ● ● ● ●: ● ●:: ●:: ● ● ● Curant: Inspection ● Furuen: Cleaned ● Radiator: Cleaned "Running Relations" ● Run action: Confirmed: Confirmed: Confirmation operation Oil amount inspection ● Rotation operation confirmation ● Tilling nails: 4 minutes "Electrical system" ● Light, ウ ウ ウ 確認 確認 確認 ● ● Operation confirmed "Tiri" ● front wheels: 8 minutes mountain ● rear wheels: 9 minutes mountain ■ Product Description ヤ ヤ ヤ ヤ ヤ ヤFunger shifts that can be shifted! Easy to operate in various places and modern functions are equipped, so if you are not familiar with the machine, it is a machine that can operate with confidence even if you are not familiar with the machine. It will be an EG300 series that is not easy to appear in the used market for 180 hours. It is the finest test drive, as shown in the image, as shown in the image, as shown in the image. It is an environment. , Please check the actual product. * Please use the current handed -to -date. ・ The accessories are all photos. We have confirmed the operation, but we do not check the operation on the farmland. ・ The product is stored in the warehouse. there is no.

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