Kubota ER215GW (25424)

Control No. 25424
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-12-15 20:08:25 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model ER215GW
Horse Power 15
Hour Meter 125
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1620x3070x1950
Weight 920
Maintenance Maintained


Cubeta Conconbine ER215-GW Super Beautiful Product Win Metter 125 hours Body number: 53532 (aircraft size) Total length: 3070mm total width: 1620mm full height: 1950 mm weight: 920kg (institutional information)* Power 3 Bulk cylinder*Awometer 125 hours*430L Gentank (about 8.5 bags)*Folding type Ogura*Run: Hydraulic Motor type HST No Substant Substant*Rakukuri button*Automatic Deep Deep Control*Calculation Ottage Automatic Turn device*Electric cut -off slide*Automatic engine stop device*Intensive lubrication*Cutting, mowing gear shifting swift*Substantic of grass kankan Open*Doroppa (maintenance content)*Engin use replacement* Jin -in -filter exchange*Transmin Replacement*Missing*Missing Filter Replacement*Appealed liquid LLC replacement*Intensive lubricated oil replacement*Battery replacement (new one after sale)*Aquarched clinter exchange*6 pieces of six blades Replacement*Exhaust部リテーナ2個交換*排ワラチェーン部カバー交換*下記劣化Vベルト交換
 SA-47 グレンタンク駆動ベルト交換 SB-35(コグ)刈取駆動ベルト交換 SB-39 カッタ駆動ベルト交換
 SB-47走行(ミッション)駆動ベルト交換 SB-76 トウミ駆動ベルト交換
*揺動板脱着 内部洗浄済
*ゴムクローラー脱着洗浄 張り調整Assembling*Lower, sticking torso rust prevention paint finish*Cleaning up to each of the barrels*Each part, tension, etc. It can be used.*Left gamlor: As shown in the image, there is little decrease and it is in a very beautiful state.*Wring: It is still good without any ruts. It is also checked with all rings. Please be assured that we will hand it over after replacement.*Wara cut blade: All 6 pieces have been replaced with new items. The decomposition is also good and good. The disassembly overhole gap has been adjusted.*Cutter blade: The decrease is small and it is still available. As you can see, it is very beautiful and solid. It was a garage storage item, so the engine is relatively beautiful. Please note that there are some dirt, scratches, squirrels, etc. for used cars*Awometer is within our company. Please note that it may increase slightly depending on the movement.*Please feel free to contact us, such as the current car confirmation, land transport quote. Please contact us.*In the case of picking up by the customer, or if it is possible to deliver at our company (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. Please use a bank transfer.*Unknown points. Please feel free to contact your mobile phone. Detailed images are posted on our home page. Please check it out from the maintenance scene.

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