Iseki TH253-GQA15VD ノークラッチ (25359)

Control No. 25359
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-11-27 13:18:56 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TH253-GQA15VD ノークラッチ
Horse Power 25
Hour Meter 368
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Ide clock 255 horsepower, padas, automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated, IQ turning (sub -brake weak ~ strong double -speed turning), front and back, 8 steps, notches, fingers View Light / Rotal Side 1m50cm reversal [Large special license required] (There is no IQ accessory without any problem with the work on the front wheel rear wheels.) (Note) About on -the -road driving of a work machine with a work machine! A special license is required. (2) If there is a growing width of 1m60cm, it will exceed 1m70cm. Cancellation is not available for at least two years. (5) 5 Passion rice transplanes 3, 4 Conventions, etc. are also required at the time of purchase (6) Please obtain a large special license (for agricultural). "Used used. There is a small tire that does not have any problem with the use of dirt on the machine. Easy cleaning repair paint. Delivery Points in the soil of the lotali unnecessary repetition soil contamination by peeling of paint unnecessary reproduction I don't want to buy agricultural machinery at a store with a security, trust, technology, national test technician, a store with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries certified maintenance shop. We will request a parenting. Arrival (current machine) [Selling] Yun Ma KE50 Hanmana Fail (No Lotary) Improve TH193Q Full equipment in stock [Quick ヒ ヒ specification] Iki TH185B Full Equipment in stock [Quick Pet specification] Discounted in stock GF130 Full Equipment in stock [business negotiations] Iki TC13X horizontal cultivated deep reversal in stock KB18 Full Equipment Equipment Issuing TH18Q Full Equipment Equipment Equipment Full Clean AC10 Full Claw Laise TM16KXZ Full equipment In stock Equipment in stock KE1D HST HST In stock with cultivation reversal Cubota JB11 In stock with cultivated reversal TQ17LKXZ Full equipment In stock, the stocking information Ide TH213 Semikurora in stock 1m60㎝ Lotary [Large special license required] [Sold] Iki TH235Q Full equipment in stock Finished] Mitsubi MT200 Full Equipment Equipment Equipment CTX20 (Kurtota GB200) Full Equipment Iki THS20 Full Equipment Issues TH213Q Full equipment In stock TH205Q 210 Sansan hat -free equipment in stock TH255Q Full equipment in stock EF224 Full equipment winging and hello With arrival EF222 Full equipment Please contact us for inspection, maintenance, maintenance, details, prices, etc. Please contact us for inspection, maintenance, maintenance. 37 fertilizer fertilizers Supported Power Taichi Lotus Lotus Lotor Package PQZ5DUL ル なら なら なら なら なら 【【 In stock [Sold] Yanmar PE1A arrival Yanmar PES1 In stock LC4 (Kurtota JC4) Passage Clank Related Impre's PQZ4DUL Passa Lotarotarotal 37 Shake -shaped planting Personal Large Lotus Lotus Lotus -Tari fertilizer 37 -stock compatible policy -ni -nashi -nashi carrier packed PQZ43DULF Padestrotal fertilizer 37 -share -shaped planting compatible Perspective [In business negotiations] Improve PPZ4DLF Passo -shir Clank Letter 37 Shake -shaped shares compatible Personal Nashika Nashikashi Large Lotus In stock PQZ4DULF Selo Sel 37 fertilizers compatible with stocks Powerchi Nashiashi Lotor Rotor with Lotor [Selling] Clock butter P-450F Celico Passo Lotary Personal Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus In stock 37 fertilizers compatible with stocks In stock with lotor [business negotiations] Izhi PQZ45DULF Selpastrotal fertilizer 37 -share -shaped share compatible Package Packed Lotor Packed PPZ4SD PPZ4SD Pass Stock Clean 37 Delivery PQZ45DULF Selo Star 37 fertilizers compatible with stocks Please contact us for incoming cargo inspection and maintenance, details, price, etc.

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