Kubota ZP50L (25045)

Control No. 25045
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2023-08-31 07:25:18 +0900
New/Used New
Manufacturer Kubota
Model ZP50L
Horse Power 10
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1780x2550x1480
Weight 420
Maintenance Maintenance Required


■ Maker: Cubota ■ Type: rice Interpreting Machine ■ Model: ZP50L : Gasolin ■ Starting method: Ser Start ◎ The operation has been confirmed in empty operation such as starting, driving, planting portions, planting portions, and planting rotation. ◎ Work inspection is not performed. Attached ◯ With a backpack ◯ Main speed: forward/n/backward ◯ Deputy transmission: field work/n/migration ◯ Hydraulic: Upper/n/lower/planting ◯ Lotor Automatic: Introduction/Cutter Deep ◯ Backup: Cut/Enter ◯ Azigiwa Clear Sensitivity Adjustment (hardness of rural garden): 1 ~ 7 ◯ Stock number adjustment: 40/45/50/60/70/80 The ones that are reflected are everything.

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