Yanmar EG116VUS3 (24516)

Control No. 24516
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-05-06 16:55:12 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model EG116VUS3
Horse Power 16
Hour Meter 483
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Yanmartrakuta 16 horsepower / Passes / Automatic horizontal / automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated, back and forth, double -speed, double -speed, rising, back rising, back rising, decayed lever, lotorizer, 1m30cm reversal (not as beautiful as image (not as beautiful as image) Amateur such as rough bonnettes Painting) (Caution) About public road driving of a tractor with a work machine! (1) A large special license is required if it exceeds 1m70cm in width. Driving hanah, etc., must be particularly careful. (4) Unlicensed driving, a fine of 500,000 yen or less, cancellation of a license, a license cannot be obtained for at least two years. (6) Please obtain a large special license (for agricultural). "There is a small tire small drain on the use of dirt on the used machine. There is a small cleaning repair painting. Delivery Delivery, such as the part that enters the soil of the otal, does not require unnecessary repainting that leads to soil contamination by paint peeling. Please purchase at the store. (Note) Product fee 10 Personates, 20 -panel fee after arranging delivery will be charged. In stock of stocking information for arrival TPC153CXZ Full Cliff equipment in stock [business negotiations] ミ ミ ミ ミ ミ】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 Reverse in stock [Sold already ] KE1 KE1 In stock with cultivated reversal [Selling] Iki RTS18Q Full Equipment in stock [Sold] Iki TM16KXZ Full equipment [Business negotiations] Skubota JB11 Koizuku Return [Selling] Hanmar With In stock (no lotari) KE14 Full equipment in stock [business negotiations] Iki TH193Q Full equipment in stock GF130 Full equipment in stock TC13X horizontal Ingredients in stock in stock with cultivated reversal KB18 Full equipment in stock TH18Q Full Equipment Iki TM165KXZ Full equipment Ingredients in stock of medium -sized lactor in stock information TH213 Semi -crawler arrival GS20 Full Equipment in stock [Sold] Iki THS22UKXZ Full equipment in stock [Selling] Izhi ATK250U Full equipment in stock [Large special license required] [Sold already] Hitachi TZ230 (Cuba KT230) Full equipment in stock [Selling] Equipment in stock [ No large special license required] [During business negotiation] ク ク】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 3B Full equipment in stock Hitachi CTX20 (Cubota GB200) Full Equipment Iki THS20 Full Equipment (2 units is available) Iche TH213Q Full equipment In stock TH205Q Full Equipment Equipment TH20B Full Equipment In stock During installation and maintenance, details, prices, etc. Please contact us. Please contact us. Used riding rice planting information II PQZ4DUL セ ル なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら なら し なら なら し し し37 shares of DUL Sel Perstrian Refracting Personal Palace Nashi Nashi Nashii PQZ4DUL Cell Passo Lotary 37 Shadow Filling Personal League With Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Right PES1 In stock PP4 in stock JC4) Passage Clank Reiil in stock PQZ4DUL Seruta Pass Lotary 37 Shake -shaped policy Lauta [Selling] Sold Bota JC3 arrival [Sold] PQZ45SULF Selotarotarotarian fertilizer 37 Shake -shaped planting 37 LF Sel Perstrian fertilizer fertilizer Supreme Collective Power Taichi Nashi Nashi Lotor [Business negotiations] Improve PPZ4DLF Passy Clank -rank fertilizer 37 Shake -shaped compatible Personal Nashimi In arrival [Selling] Club buttery JC3 arrival PQZ4DULF Selpastrotal fertilizer 37. Supported policy In stock with a lotor [Sold] P-450F Celelico Passo Lotary Personal Polar Payterfall [Sold] Lv4 Lv4 Passerotarotari Personal Payter Pass Cubota with Lv4 Improvement RPQ40DLF ル ル ハ ス37 Shake -shaped planting supporting policy stock with a lantern [business negotiations] Izhi PPZ4DL Passo Clankle 37 Shake -shaped share -shaped roller stock stock [Sold already] Iko PQZ45DULF Passo Lotary fertilizer 37 Arrested Irie PPZ4SD Passo Clank Ricoi 37 Shake -shared planting II PQZ45DULF Selpastrotarotarotarotarotarotarian fertilizer 37 Shade planting Personal Nashika Inspection, maintenance, price, price, price, etc. Please contact us for details, etc.

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