Kubota KL250 キャビン エアコン (24338)

Control No. 24338
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-15 15:17:16 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model KL250 キャビン エアコン
Horse Power 25
Hour Meter 532
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1650x4100x1980
Maintenance Maintained


It is purchased by farming and can be used immediately as it has been cleaned and maintained. It is well stored in the warehouse. It is not a non -smoking car. You will need. ● Cavan, icane, Radish, Shaga Lister (Shiga Sokito 12V power supply) ● Awar 532H ● 25 horsepower 3 -cylinder digital engine 1463CC ● Padas, 2WD/4WD Switching/Double speed/AD ● Main speed Speed: 4 steps ● Advance/Upside: Shet Reverer (Handle left side) ● Work machine Upper and lower pump card (right side of the handle) ● Putting tillage button ● Monoro automatic horizontal control ● Automatically controller Masu) ● Backup (If you put the bar in a back, the work machine will automatically rise) ● ー (If you cut the handle at the time of till (when PTO operation), the work machine will automatically rise) ● PTO: 4 steps. There is a reversal ● Rotary nail axis: Wrapping bars such as straw, grass with a bar. : 198cm ● Tilling width: 150cm Lotary: RL5K with storage Stand [Maintenance content, state, etc.] 〇Betty new replacement 〇Conney replacementルEcon Concompure side Bet Stock Adjustment Bearing Bearing Bearing is not good 〇 Engin institution, exhausting does not see white smoke in exhaust. Replaced to both the case and supporter -side proptered one 〇 Tilling nails: Type -type nail new claws 〇 Nail axis rolling (straw / grass) Prevention bar new bar mounting 〇New claw shaft Barrying. Cannot are not seen. 〇 〇 Driving (including double -speed turns), each operation (including PTO operation) OK ○ horizontal, cultivated, backpacked, sub -up, etc. PTO Univar Sales Jint (Spider) Nothing Giris Uplifts, Light, Work Light OK 10 OK 10 OK. We did not see any noise. We do not perform demonstrations in the field. All accessories are photos. Please note that even if it is a standard accessory, it is not included in the photo. 。 The instruction manual can be viewed from the maker -like home page. * Products are stored in the warehouse.

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