Kubota ARN216-GLW (24310)

Control No. 24310
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-12 18:21:20 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model ARN216-GLW
Horse Power 16
Hour Meter 168
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1580x2750x1870
Weight 900
Maintenance Maintained


Clock Button Bain Vine ARN216-GLW Beauty Conditions 168 hours (vehicle body number: 10901) (aircraft size) Total length: 2750mm full width: 1580mm Heavy: 900kg Weight: 900kg (engine information)*Article 3ring*168 hours Cold 4 CICL 3 cylinder*15, 5 horsepower*Running: Hydraulic Motor type HST non -transmission*370L Cleantank*Folding type Over -the -counter*Automatic depth control*Undoed automatic turning device*Kirin Ottable* Kirin sliding (electricity) *Intensive lubrication*Calculation gears: low -speed, standard*sitting and sitting and sitting grass kankura size: 330x79x36 (maintenance content)*Engin coil 3.2L replacement*Engin coiling or replacement* 3L exchange*Missing Repusal liquid replacement*Intensive lubrication tank oil 0.5L replacement*ア Aquarinating エ エ メ 交***********6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6***6***タ*タ*タ タ タBoth left and right new Replacement*The following V-Bet exchange SA-34 SA-40 SB-39 SB-39 SB-40 (W800 Belt is used) SB-76 SB-108 SC-50*Family tension adjustment*Interior in the interruption plate Cleaning*Road -ring inspection*Each section of each part, tension adjustment*Lower, kogi torso rust prevention paint finish*Operation of each part (Other)*Right -legged crawler Left Gum Claw: We have replaced it with a new one at our company, so it can be used for a long time and confidence.*Ring ring: It is still good. I will hand it over.*Engin: It is in great shape with a single start. It is stable from Idling to high -speed range.*ワ ワ ワ ワ ワThe reduction of the street is small and good.*Kaika: The reduction is small as shown in the image. It is in a beautiful state. Please note that there are scratches, squirrels, etc.**Please note that the operation may increase slightly due to the movement within the company. Please feel free to contact us for estimates. If the timing is right, it may be possible to deliver cheaply by mixed flights.*In case of pick -up and we can deliver at our company (nearby prefectures). In this case, cash exchange is also possible. Please feel free to contact your mobile phone for any other information.*Detailed images are listed in our home page. Please confirm. The image at the time of maintenance is also posted.

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