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Hello, everyone.

It's getting hotter and hotter, and it feels like summer is finally here.

So, the next step is...It's time for Reaper Binder!

There are three types of binders:

  • One-wheel, Single-row mowing
  • Two-wheel, Single-row mowing
  • Two-wheel, Dual-row mowing.

We would like to introduce the features of each type.

One-wheel, Single-row mowing

This type of single-wheel, single-row mower is effective in wet fields because the tires run over the mowed stubble.

This type is lighter than the two-wheeled type, so it is easy to handle, but it lacks stability because it has only one tire.

Two-wheel, Single-row mowing

This is a two-wheel, single-row type that can be operated safely because it is easy for women and elderly people to handle because it has two wheels.

The disadvantage of this type is that it is weak in wet fields compared to the one-wheel, one-row and two-wheel, two-row types because the tires run between the plants.

Two-wheel, Dual-row mowing

This is the most efficient type of binder. Since it runs on the top of the plant, it is strong in wet fields and has good work efficiency. The only disadvantage is that some people say it is heavy.

There are three main types of binders, but there are also various other types of binders with different mechanisms depending on the manufacturer. Personally, I recommend the type that has an automatic string-through function. (It's so annoying... lol)

And then! It's also important to check them after use. Leave it in the warehouse until next year: 

Is there anyone like that?
Even if you only use it for a few hours a year, you need to take good care of it.
Even though they are used infrequently, there are more requests for repair of rice farming machines than you might think!

When you're done using it, have it inspected by a skilled mechanic and be ready for next year!

For more information on used equipment sales and regular inspections, please contact us!

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Travis Sander

Travis Sander

Do you have supplier in North America for Yanmar reaper binder? Hope to hear from you. Thanks. Travis