Mitsubishi LC4AN (7363)

Control No. 7363
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2022-06-25 06:01:02 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Model LC4AN
Horse Power 0
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1340x2240x1340
Weight 200
Maintenance Maintained


Mitsubishi Ride Tanna LC4an (Unit: 65228) Frequently used. Beautiful goods (engine information)*Aircraft dimensions: total length 2340mm in total height 1340mm*Model quality Gasolin Engin*Clank -type planting*Running method*Running HST HSTless transmission*Running secondary transmission 2 steps*Installation of planting*Seedlage amount adjustment*Watarian hardness adjustment*Azigiwa Clatch*Windmill*Dehnフロート*予備苗乗せ台完備(整備内容)*エンジンオイル交換*リアアクスルオイル交換*燃料コックパッキン交換*エアクリーナースポンジ交換*ガスケット一個交換*キャブレターオーバーホール*アイドリング調整*横送り部グリース交換*植え付け爪ケースExclusive Grease Heavy Game*Lower, wheel, etc. Rust -prevented paint finish (Others)*Engin: It is in great shape. It is stable until high rotation. Rear wheel tires: There is a mountain as shown in the image. It is still very beautiful.*Planting claws: It is in a very beautiful state. It is a machine.*It is a very beautiful product, but please note that there are some dirt, scratches, rust, etc. for used cars. Please contact us.*Cash exchange can be handled only when picking up by the customer and when delivery (nearby prefectures). Others should be transferred by bank*For inquiries, please contact your mobile phone. Please contact us.*Detailed images are also posted on our home page.

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