Kubota KL270 (7019)

Control No. 7019
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2022-02-27T16:26:24+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Kubota
Model KL270
Horse Power 27
Hour Meter 1586
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 4050 x 1830 x 2000
Maintenance Maintenance Required


* We do not repair or maintain our shop. It is recommended that you put inspection and maintenance after a successful bid and purchase. * Because it is a used article, a perfect product like a new one Please refrain from bidding for those who are looking for. * All operation is confirmed, but due to the environment, demonstration in the field cannot be performed. At the current handing out (no maintenance / guarantee), including the unaware of our shop and lack of explanation After fully understanding and acknowledging that it will be sold. Please bid and consider it. * Please check the image (including "other photos") and "Product details". If you have any questions, we will respond if you call us. Please feel free to contact us. ~ ・ ~ ・ ~ ・ Product details ~ ・ ~ ・ ~ ・ It is an exhibition of the Kurtota Tractor KL270. There is a peculiar agricultural tool. The engine started, driving, and operation has been confirmed, but it has not been performed until the demonstration. 〇 Aw: 1586H * We also sell and sell. By the customer's test drive and the movement of the game That some error occurs in the working hours Thank you for your understanding. 〇27 horsepower 〇 Lotary model: RL6K 〇 Work width: about 1600mm 〇 〇 メ メ。。。。。。。。。。。 〇 Tire state: There is a リ。 ワ on both anterior wheels. 〇 Tires: front wheels 7-16 rear wheels 12.4-24 "function" 〇4WD/2WD 〇PTO regular/reverse 〇 Automatic horizontal 〇 Automatic deep cultivation 〇Padeste 〇AD double speed 〇 double -speed turn 〇E 〇Ponpa 〇Wantat tilly 〇U shift (uncontractive gear) With Tsukima Line (prevention of rotary wound) 〇Con (air conditioning) 〇 Radio 〇Cubota W3P ヒ ヒ (*Extended PTO axis is not included.) << Damaged / missing >> *There is a hole in the enthusiast of the rotary. *There is a crack on the left and right side plates of the rotary. * The accessories are all in the photo. * Since there may be no description of missing items, damage, etc., please check with photos.

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