Yanmar Ee-4D (6857)

Control No. 6857
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2022-01-07T18:04:33+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model Ee-4D
Horse Power 12
Hour Meter 251
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintenance Required


[Capital information]
▼ Body
Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model: EE-4D
Number of harvestors: 2
Horce: 12 (PS)
Hour: 251 (h)
※ As there are movements in the warehouse, etc., please acknowledge some errors.

Crawler width: 300 (mm)

▼ Status / Storage Location
Status: Steady state:
Management base: Kyoto Prefecture Funai-gun second yard
Management number: 1157

[Equipment without]
Cabin: None
Canopy (hood): None
Notta: None
Auxiliary Devida (OK, Swiss, etc.) None
Automatic horizontal control (left and right): None
Automatic horizontal control (front and rear): None

[Please confirm the following]
○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ There is no accessories
○ We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at the present situation. Please consider the following and look at the result of inspection.

[Exterior part inspection]
Type nameplate seal damaged almost no
Model seal (left, right) Corruption almost no
Sheet damage
Devider tip-breaking almost no
Devider Side Cover Corrupt
Tank part concave damage
Threshing Cover Device Deviationless
Cutter cover (rear) no broken break
Side mirror (left and right) is damaged
Non-cabin roof

【Example of inspection】 ※ Only confirmation item only

Crawler [29 large cracks (left) (from outside)] almost no "※ Small cracked
Please check photos so please check

"※ Engine room opening and closing part (lower chair) mounting breakage
You will be out of caution without caution

[Results] All items
The following is the entire item of inspection results of this machine.
Engine oil [1.%] or higher
Engine oil [2. Not dirt] None (tolerance)
Radiator [3. Amount] Normal
Radiator [4. Color] normal
Radiator [5. Water leak]
Reserve Tank [6. Damage / Stockless] None
Fanbert [7. Stockless] None
Air Conditioner Belt [8. Stock] Non-loaded
Air Cleaner Element [9. Dirty] None
Air Cleaner Element [10 Damage / Stockless] None
Engine start [11 operation]
Battery [12 operation] Almost normal ※ new
Exhaust [13 smoke] normal
Mowring up [14 rising / falling]
Advanced / reverse (driving) [15 operation]
Advance and reverse (work) [16 operation]
Advanced and reverse (falling) [17 operation] not installed
Normally pivot [18 operation (right)]
Normal turn [19 operation (left)]
Brake pivot [20 operation (right)]
Brake pivot [21 operation (left)]
Spin turn [22 operation (right)] not installed
Spin turn [23 operation (left)] not installed
Cive turning [24 operation (right)]
Deurization [25 operation (left)]
Drive sprocket [26 oil leak (right)]
Drive sprocket [27 oil leak (left)] without
Crawler [28 large cracks (right) (looking from outside)] almost no
Crawler [29 large cracks (left) (from outside)] almost no "※ Small cracked
Please check photos so please check
Brox (upper) [30 ending (right)] non-loaded
Brox (upper) [31 sticking (left)] non-loaded
Ring (bottom) [32 fixing (right)]
Ring (bottom) [33 sticking (left)] None
Movable roller [34 fixing (right)] not installed
Movable rolling ring [35 fixing (left)] non-loaded
None None [36 shortages / defect]
No blade [37 shortages, defect]
こ 回 回 回 3 動 作 る
Feed chain [39 operation]
Toumi [40 operation]
Swing flow board [41 operation]
Waraka Chain [42 Operation]
Waratain (nail) [43 shortages and defect]
Waratain (nail) [44 operation]
Cutter blade (cutting) [45 shortages / defect]
Cutter blade (feed) [46 shortages / deficiency]
Cutter Blade (Cutting) [47 Operation]
Cutter blade (feed) [48 operation]
No. 49 [49]
2nd Lacen (horizontal) [50 operation]
No. 1 Lacen (Vertical) [51 Operation]
2nd Lacen (vertical) [52 operation]
Oruger Runction (Manual) [53 Lift] Non-loaded
Oruger Runction (Manual) [54 Right Pivoting] Non-loaded
Oruger Runction (Manual) [55 Left Pivoting] Non-loaded
Oruger Runction (Manual) [56 Down] Non-loaded
Authority operation (automatic) [57 automatic turning (right)] not installed
Authorion operation (automatic) [58 automatic swivel (left)] not installed
Oruger Runction (Automatic) [59 Automatic Swivel (After)] Non-loaded
Oruger Release Operation (Automatic) [60 Automatic Storage] Non-loaded
Auger OP (zoom swing shutter etc.) [61 operation] not installed
Emission racemic operation [62 operation] not installed
Mowet [64 operation]
Caused nails [65 shortages / deficit]
Cause nails [66]
Auxiliary Device Nail [67 Stock Loss] Not Mounted
Auxiliary Device Nail [68 Operation] Non-loaded
Belt with protrusion [69 missing / deficit]
Belt with protrusion [70 operation]
Star Wheel [71 missing / deficit]
Star Wheel [72]
Corporate Channel [73 Operation] Non-loaded
Kakikomi (nail) [74 shortages / deficit] Non-loaded
Kakikami (nail) [75 operation] not installed
Header transfer (nail) [76 shortages / deficiency]
Header transfer (nail) [77 operation]
Big depth chain [78 operation]
Koi depth (manual) [79 operation]
こ (automatic) [80 lamp lighting]
When cutting and shift switching (standard) [81 operation] non-loaded
When cutting and shift switching (high speed) [82 operation] not installed
Change shift switching (low speed) [83 operation] not installed
Left and right horizontal control (manual) [84 operation] not installed
Left and right horizontal control (automatic) [85 operation] non-loaded
Before and forth horizontal control (manual) [86 operation] not installed
Horizontal control (automatic) [87 lamp lighting] not installed
Sorting Automatic Lamp [88 Lights] Non-loaded
Auto Clutch Lamp [89 Lights] Non-loaded
Automatic lubricating switch [90 reaction] not mounted
Emergency stop switch [91 operation] not installed
Radio [92 operation] not installed
Panel operation (confirmation of rotation only) [93 operation]
Light [94 lighting (right)]
Light [95 lit (left)] not installed
Winker (previous) [96 flashing (right)] not installed
Winker (previous) [97 flashing (left)] Non-loaded
Winker (after) [98 flashing (right)]
Winker (after) [99 flashing (left)]
Horn [100 sounds]
Air conditioner [101 cooling] not installed
Air conditioner [102 air volume change] not installed
Work, etc. [103 lit]

· We do not check other than inspection items, please check with photos etc.
· Belt-related wear condition is not checked.
· Wear of Racen is not checked.
· We do not check chain and consumables.
· We do not check wear of the rolling rolling roll.
· The crawler check is simple, but it is not checked to the detailed part.
· Horizontal automatic checks the lighting of the lamp, etc., but it is not checked until operation.
· Automatic depth Automatic automatically checks the lighting of the lamp, but it does not check until operation.

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