Kubota GL367 (6392)

Control No. 6392
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2021-09-09T16:23:19+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Kubota
Model GL367
Horse Power 36
Hour Meter 1599
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 3400 x 1650 x 2150
Maintenance Maintenance Required


"New Year holiday notice

Thank you for your continued patronage of DMM agricultural machinery (Operating Company: Farmer).
We will leave the following schedule for the New Year holidays.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your consideration.

New Year holidays: From December 29, 202 (Wed) to January 5, 2022 (Wed)

※ We will respond sequentially from January 6 (Thursday) January 6, 202, 2022 for inquiries during the closing period.

[Capital information]
▼ Body
Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: GL367
Horce: 36 (PS)
Hour: 1599 (H)
※ As there are movements in the warehouse, etc., please acknowledge some errors.

Total length: 3400 (mm)
All Width: 1650 (mm)
Total height: 2150 (mm)

▼ Rotary
Rotary manufacturer: not equipped
Rotary type:
Cultivation width: (mm)

▼ Status / Storage Location
Status: Steady state:
Management base: Hyogo Prefecture Kishinetsu City 1 yard
Management number: 1783

[Equipment without]
Cabin: Yes
Automatic: Yes
Powerste: Yes
Automatic horizontal control: Yes
Automatic cultivation: Yes
Double speed turn: Yes
Auto Brake Turn;
Backup: Yes
Peeling up: Yes
Shipping stage number: advance 8 speed / reverse 8 speed
PTO shift stage number: normal rotation 3 steps / 1 reverse stage
Independent PTO: None
External hydraulic pressure: None
Pwallion: Yes
Other equipment:

[Please confirm the following]
○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ There is no accessories
○ We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at the present situation. Please consider the following and look at the result of inspection.

[Exterior part inspection]
Type nameplate seal: total damage
Model seal (left, right): no damage
Sheet: Partial breakage ※ Back break
Before Bonnet: No damage
Bonnet: No damage
Bonnet (left, right): No damage
Fender (left, right): no damage
Side mirror (left, right): no damage
Previous Wheel (left, right): No damage
Weather wheel (left, right): not equipped
Cabin roof: no damage

[Results result] ※ Only defective item

Engine oil [2. dirt]
Fuel filter [20. Cock fixing]
Air Cleaner Element [22. Dirty]
Battery [24. Body Expansion] Expandable
Front wheel tire [27. Wear] Normal [Note 3]
Crawler [36. Hibi cracks (crawler cracks)] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Crawler [37. Hibi mass (core part)] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Drive sprocket [38. Wear] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Horizontal cylinder [45. Oil leak]
Light (low) [49. Online] Anomaly (right)
Light (high) [50. lit] Anomaly (right)
Backlight [52. On Lights] Anomaly
Rotary spacing [67. Operation] Rotary non-loaded [Note 9]
Automatic cultivation depth control [70. Operation] Anomalous ※ Rotary is not installed
Turning up [76. Operation] Anomaly
Radio [77. Operation] Abnormal
Wiper (front) [82. Rubber wear] deterioration
Wiper (later) [85. Rubber wear] There is deterioration
Antenna [96. Damage]

[Bugs other than inspection items] ※ The engine does not stop with the key switch OFF

[Results] All items
The following is the entire item of inspection results of this machine.
▼ Body
Engine oil [1.%] 2/3 or more
Engine oil [2. dirt]
England Bolt [3. Oil] None
Engine Oil Filter [4. Oil] None
Radiator [5. Exterior part deformation] Almost no scratch
Radiator [6.] Normal [Note 1]
Radiator [7. Color] Normal
Radiator [8. Water leak]
Reserve tank [9. Water leak]
Reserve Tank [10. Damage]
Reserve tank [11.] Appropriate amount [Note 1]
Fan belt [12. Yurumi] normal
Fan belt [13. Crack] None
Fan belt [14. Wear] None
Air Conditioner Belt [15. Yurumi] Normal
Air Con Burto [16. Crack] None
Air Conditioner Belt [17. Wear] None
Engine fans [18. Gata and deformation]
Fuel filter [19. Dirty] None
Fuel filter [20. Cock fixing]
Fuel filter [21. Fuel leak]
Air Cleaner Element [22. Dirty]
Air Cleaner Element [23. Damage] None
Battery [24. Body Expansion] Expandable
Battery [25. Liquid amount] Appropriate amount [Note 2]
Engine club fuel hose [26. Fuel leak]
Front wheel tire [27. Wear] Normal [Note 3]
Front wheel tire [28. Cracking] almost no [Note 3]
Rear wheel tire [29. Wear] Non-loaded [Note 3]
Rear wheel tire [30. Cracked] Non-loaded [Note 3]
Bear shaft (vertical) [31. Oil leakage]
Building (horizontal) [32. oil leakage]
Advantages of the front axle oil [33.] appropriate amount
Mission oil [34.] Immorting
Back axis [35. Oil leakage]
Crawler [36. Hibi cracks (crawler cracks)] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Crawler [37. Hibi mass (core part)] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Drive sprocket [38. Wear] Yes (right), there (left) [Note 3]
Drive sprocket [39. Oil leak] None [Note 3]
Roller (roller) [40. Not fixed] None [Note 4]
PTO Axis [41. Oil Leakage]
Universal Joint [42. Operation] Non-loaded [Note 5]
Universal Joint [43. Cover] Unavailable
Power St. Cylinder [44. Oil Leak]
Horizontal cylinder [45. Oil leak]
Top Link [46. Adjustment Length] Non-installed ※ stock
Check chain [47. Adjustment of length] adjustable
In-panel lamp [48. On / Operation] Normal [Note 6]
Light (low) [49. Online] Anomaly (right)
Light (high) [50. lit] Anomaly (right)
Brake lamp [51. Lighting] Non-loaded
Backlight [52. On Lights] Anomaly
Winker (previous) [53. Blinking] normal
Winker (after) [54. Blink] normal
Horn [55. Sound] Normal
Engine start [56. Operation] [Note 7]
Exhaust [57. Smoke] normal
Clutch [58. Operation] Normal [Note 8]
Brake [59. Play] normal
Brake [60. Effective] normal
Power Stone [61. Operation] Normal
Advanced and reverse [62. Operation] normal
Each shift switching (gear) [63. Operation] normal
Each shift switching (Automa) [64. Operation] Normal
PTO Operation [65. Operation] Normal
Rotary lifting [66. Operation] normal
Rotary spacing [67. Operation] Rotary non-loaded [Note 9]
Conval flow rate adjustment [68. Operation] normal
Two-four-driveling [69. Operation]
Automatic cultivation depth control [70. Operation] Anomalous ※ Rotary is not installed
Automatic horizontal control [71. Operation] normal
Double speed turn [72. Operation] normal
Auto Brake Turn [73. Operation] Normal
Pompalab (one-touch lift) [74. Operation] normal
Backup [75. Operation] Normal
Turning up [76. Operation] Anomaly
Radio [77. Operation] Abnormal
Air conditioner [78. Cooling] normal [Note 10]
Air conditioner [79. Change in air volume] normal [Note 11]
Washer tank [80. Damage] None [Note 1]
Wiper (previous) [81. Operation] normal
Wiper (front) [82. Rubber wear] deterioration
Wiper (front) [83. Washer fluid]
Wiper (later) [84. Operation] Normal
Wiper (later) [85. Rubber wear] There is deterioration
Wiper (after) [86. Washer fluid]
Work light [87. Previous] normal
Work light [88.] normal
Room light [89. On] normal
Cigarette Socket [90. Operation] Normal
Door damper [91. Operation] normal
Side glass damper [92. Operation]
Rear glass damper [93. Operation] normal
Window glass [94. Damage]
Door Mall [95. Damage] None
Antenna [96. Damage]
Chain Case Oil [97. Amount] Not Mounted
Chain case oil [98. color] not installed
Chain Case Oil [99. Oil Leak]
Gear case oil [100. amount] non-loaded
Gear case oil [101. Color] not installed
Gear case oil [102. Oil leak]
Nail [103. Wear] Non-loaded [Note 3]
Nail [104. Stockless / Damaged] Non-loaded
Nail shaft [105. Gata] not installed
Nail shaft [106. Damaged] Non-loaded
Protector [107. Wear hole] not installed

Note 1: If replenishment can be performed, it will be shipped.
Note 2: Shield type and confirmation type are all considered to be normal.
Note 3: Please be sure to check wear and consumption with photos.
Note 4: Bearing's Gata, Oil Bus Type Oil, etc. do not confirm.
Note 5: If the joint expansion and contraction operation at the top and bottom of the rotary and the normal rotation operation at the time of PTO rotation are performed "normal". ※ It ships without performing inspection of Gata such as cross bearing.
Note 6: Confirming only the lighting of the tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature, horizontal, depth, four-driven, double speed, AD, etc. In addition, everything is to be confirmed as much as possible for functions with different lighting conditions for each model. But there may be a millionaire. In that case, please accept it.
Note 7: If it is hard to take or something, it will be described in the state
Note 8: We will ship as "normal" that the clutch is turned off when advanced and reverse, and we will not judge worn.
Note 9: Valve opening / engine OFF · If it does not drop 5 cm or more within 1 minute at the highest increase position, it is judged as "normal".
Note 10: It is determined that the air condition is less than 10 ° C at the blowing mouth temperature.
Note 11: There is an error because the inspector holds the air volume changes to the air volume change

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