Others NX418 (4878)

Control No. 4878
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2020-10-02T06:53:05+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Others
Model NX418
Horse Power 42
Hour Meter 1923
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintenance Required


"New Year holiday notice

Thank you for your continued patronage of DMM agricultural machinery (Operating Company: Farmer).
We will leave the following schedule for the New Year holidays.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your consideration.

New Year holidays: From December 29, 202 (Wed) to January 5, 2022 (Wed)

※ We will respond sequentially from January 6 (Thursday) January 6, 202, 2022 for inquiries during the closing period.

Product Summary
Manufacturer: Hananoto
Product Name: Tractor
Model: NX418
Condition: inspected
Storage location: Miyagi warehouse
Stock Number: 885

Manufacturer: Hananoto
Model: NX418
Horce: 42 hp
Awameter: 1923h
※ We would like to acknowledge some errors because there are movements in the warehouse etc.
Rotary: CX1705
Cultivation width: 1700mm

Shearing: Manual

○ Powerste
¥ 4WD
○ Automatic horizontal
〇 速 speed turn · AD double speed

○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ There is no accessory.
○ Cabin key is not included.
※ We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at present.

▼ Body
Engine oil
∟ 異 abnormal: no problem
∟ Discoloration: No problem

∟ Oil leaks: no problem

Engine oil filter
∟ ∟: no problem

∟ 変 Exterior deformation: no problem
∟ 異 abnormal: no problem
∟ Discoloration: No problem

Reserve tank
∟ 異 abnormal: lack

Fan belt
∟ 緩:: Yes
∟ Crack: No problem
∟∟∟: Yes

Air Conditioner Belt
∟∟: No problem
∟ Crack: No problem
∟∟∟: No problem

Engine fans
∟ Gata, deformation: Yes

Fuel filter cartridge
∟ Dirty, water contamination: no problem
∟ cock fixing: no problem
∟ Leaks: Yes

Air cleaner element
∟ dirt: Yes
Case packing is also bad

∟∟ Body expansion: no problem
∟ ∟ 異 abnormality: no problem

∟ Oil leaks:
Under the mission

Inner hose in the engine
∟ Cracks and damage: Yes
Air conditioner hose degradation

▼ Running part
∟ ∟:: Yes
∟ cracking: no problem

Front axle oil
Lack of amount: no problem

Bear shaft oil (left, inside and outside)
∟ Oil leaks: no problem

Bear shaft oil (right, inside and outside)
∟ Oil leaks: no problem

Mission oil
Lack of amount: no problem

Late axis oil (left)
∟ Oil leaks:

Bear shaft oil (right)
∟ Oil leaks:

Pto axis
∟ ∟: No problem

Universal joint
Gata: Yes

Lift rod
∟ Sabi, dirt: Yes

Top link
∟∟∟: No problem

Check chain (left and right)
∟∟∟: Yes

▼ Rotary
Chain case oil
Lack of amount: no problem
∟ Discoloration: Yes (gear oil or unknown)
∟ Oil leaks: no problem

Gear case oil
Lack of amount: no problem
∟ Discoloration: Emulsification (water contamination)
∟ Oil leaks: Boiled

∟ Wear (2 cm): There is an abrasion, but no problem
Fortuous / mounting: no problem

Claw shaft
Gata: No problem

▼ Electronix part
Impartial lamp
Lights up: bad

Lights up: bad

∟∟: No problem

Sounds: bad

▼ Operation
Engine start
Sounds: No problem
Smoke: No problem

∟ ∟: No problem
∟ ∟: bad

Brake (left and right)
∟ ∟: No problem
∟ Play: No problem

Various operation lever
∟∟ Operation: No problem

PTO operation
∟ Operation: No problem

Automatic depth
∟ Operation: No Auto Device in Rotary

Automatic horizontal
∟ Operation: No problem

Double-speed turn
∟ Operation: No problem

AD double speed
∟ Operation: No problem

∟ Operation: No problem

∟ Operation: No problem

▼ Cabin
∟作 Operation: bad

Air conditioner
∟作: no problem

Wiper (front)
∟ Rubber wear: Yes
∟ Washer fluid: not out (hose shift)

Wiper (after)
∟ Rubber wear: no problem
∟ Washer fluid: not out

Work light
∟作: no problem

Room light
∟∟: No problem

Door damper
∟∟ Damage: Yes

∟ ∟: no problem

∟ ∟: no problem

※ Tie rod end boots failure
※ Cover deformation around front
※ Back mirror (left) Cover crack
※ Sabi under the battery case
※ Painted degradation of Bonnet etc.
※ Back lamp stop lamp (left) bad
※ Cabin inner chair: service hall lid stock
※ There is a roof (no leak to the room)
※ Oil around the air conditioner compressor
※ Rotary natural descent

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