Yanmar US36 (4406)

Control No. 4406
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2020-06-16T19:51:01+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model US36
Horse Power 36
Hour Meter 1481
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintenance Required


【Product Summary】
Manufacturer: Yanmar
Product Name: Tractor
Model: US36
Condition: inspected
Storage location: Narita Warehouse
Stock Number: 310

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model: US36
Horce: 36 hp
Awameter: 1481.7H
※ We would like to acknowledge some errors because there are movements in the warehouse etc.
Total length × Total high × total width: 3320 × 2210 × 1480 mm ※ Body only
Rotary: RSB180AR
Cultivation width: 1800mm

Shearing: Manual
Shipping stage number: forward moving 15 speed / reverse 15 speed
PTO: Powered 3 speed, reverse 1 speed

○ Front loader
○ Powerste
¥ 4WD
○ Automatic horizontal
○ Automatic cultivation ※ Rotary side malfunction
〇 speed turn

○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ Cylinder replacement of the front loader is required.
○ There is oil leak from the power stethliner.
○ There is a recessed oil filter.
○ Seat breaking.
○ Right light, left winker does not light.
○ Rotary Cover There is a damaged place.
○ Tire groove: There is a reduction in the use of aged.
○ Rotary claws: There is a reduction in aging use. There is some chipping.
○ There is no accessory.
※ We are the latest attention such as inspection, but it will be handed over at present.

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