Yanmar エコトラAF326 (24386)

Control No. 24386
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-23 12:14:49 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model エコトラAF326
Horse Power 26
Hour Meter 559
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


"Product Details" Model Name: Yanmar Ektra AF326 Operation time: 559 Hours: 26 HP: 26 Hpte HP: 4 -speed Vice transmission: C ・ 1 to 3 speed PTO: 1 to 3 speed PTO: 1-4+Reversal Auto ・ Ponpon -Back Up Drive Relationship: 2WD · 4WD / Double Speed ​​Lotary: Uchimer R316M "Extension Organization" ● All: New replacement ● Filter: New replacement ● Family: Inspection ● Aque -Lant: Inspected ● Furuen: Cleaned ● Radiator: Cleaning "Running Relationship" ● Running action: Confirmation operation ● Confirmation operation: Confirmed: Confirmed "Lotary" : Confirmation of operation ● Rotation operation confirmation ● Tilling: 7 minutes ● Puttering "Electrical system" ● Light, ウ ウ, Hon: Operation confirmed ● Vertical: Inspection, charged "Tires" ● front wheels: 7 minutes mountain ● Rear wheels: 7 minutes mountain ■ Product Description It is a very exciting partner as shown in the photo. The body is not repainted, but a genuine genuine 。AF series. It is a normal run without the excretion of white smoke and black smoke, the operation is normal, and the engine is good. Please come after visiting the store M (_ _) m ■ Notes * Due to the nature of second -hand goods, there may be oversight or lack of knowledge regarding the evaluation and impressions of the product, so please check the actual product. * Current status. Please give me a handed -over. ・ The accessories have all photos. ・ There may be a peculiar squirrel, dent, or scratches. The operation is not confirmed. ・ The product is stored in the warehouse. ・ ・ Maintenance inspection is voluntary inspection and does not guarantee after delivery.

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