Iseki TH255-Q (24120)

Control No. 24120
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-03-06 21:45:09 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TH255-Q
Horse Power 25
Hour Meter 299
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1690x3600x1990
Weight 1150
Maintenance Maintained


Ille Citricter TH255-Q Full Equipment Wan Motor Beautiful Corporation 299 hours (aircraft size) Only long: 3600mm full width: 1690mm total height: 1990mm Weight: 1150kg (engine information)*25 horsepower design *9時間*耕深自動*水平自動*バックアップ*スーパーフルターン*オートリフト*IQターン*フィンガップレバー(ポンパ)*デセラ*オート感度*PTO逆転切り替え*デフロック*走行リニアシフト*純正フード(屋根)付き*ロータリー型式:ARH1505 (耕うん幅150cm程度)*クイックヒッチ (ワンタッチでロータリー脱着可能) (整備内容)*エンジンオイル交換*エンジンオイルフィルター交換*フロントアクスルギアオイル交換*ロータリーギアケースオイル交換*ロータリーチェンケースギアオイル交換* Transmissing coil inspection*Battery replacement (new one will be installed as soon as the sale is decided)*fuel replacement*Aquarium replacement*Ashitose fluid replacement*Cultivation *Tire air pressure adjustment*Each part of each part*Lower rust -prevented paint finish (other information)*front wheel tires: As shown in the image, it is in a very beautiful state. It is in a beautiful state.*Bateli: Please be assured that we will replace it with a new one as soon as the sale is decided.*Knail: We have replaced a new set of new products at our company. It is in great shape with one shot start. It is stable from Idling to high -speed range.*Each sensor: confirmed. It is a beautiful product. Please note that there are scratches and rust associated with use.*The overall width of the device is 1690mm and the large special standard is 1700mm or less, so it will be treated as a small special license. Please note that it may increase slightly depending on the movement or inspection in the inside.*Land transportation estimates and confirmation of the current car are welcome. Please feel free to contact us. If you can deliver (nearby prefectures) Cash exchange is also possible. Others should be transferred by bank transfer.*Please check the many detailed images in our home page.

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