Kubota SPU45P-SDY (22814)

Control No. 22814
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2023-02-02 20:59:22 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model SPU45P-SDY
Horse Power 9
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1480x2500x1300
Weight 310
Maintenance Maintained


Cubota Tada Planting SPU45P-SDY (Unit: 56881) (Aircraft size)*Full length: 2500mm*Overall width: 1480mm*Overall height: 1300mm*Weight about 310kg Starting method: Starting system: Engin model: GR280 Air cooling 4 Cycle single cylinder OHV*Maximum output: 9.7 horsepower*Chanceships Seedlay capacity adjustment*Azigiwa Class*Azagoe Rever*Preliminary Seedling Platform*Windmill Maker (maintenance content)*Engin Oil*Transmissing 5.5L Exchange*Isee Hashimp Lady 38)*Fuel Cock Packin Replacement*Covered Over Hall*Battery replacement (newly installed after sale)*Instant claws Grease replacement*Each rubber is washed and detached*Lower rust -prevented paint finish*Other information confirmed) Front wheel tires: The image is beautiful as shown in the image. There is no crack and it is still available. I think it can be used.*Bateli: As soon as the sale is decided, we will replace it with a new one before handing it over. I think that it is a relatively beautiful product as shown in the image. Please check it in the image.*I think that it is a relatively beautiful product as shown in the image, but for used cars, there are some dirt, scratches, squirrels, etc. Please understand.*Current car confirmation and test drive are welcome.*Please feel free to contact us for land transport quotes. If the timing is right, it is possible to deliver cheaply by mixed flight.*In case of pick -up. In the case of our company's own flight (nearby prefectures), cash exchanges are also possible. Please contact your mobile phone if you have any other questions. Please check it in our home page.

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