Kubota S216 (18083)

Control No. 18083
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2022-12-12 20:37:11 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model S216
Horse Power 16
Hour Meter 78
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1530x2750x1870
Weight 850
Maintenance Maintained


Clock Button Bain Vine S216-GLW Best Best Car! Only 78 hours (body number: 71140) (aircraft size) Total length 1530mm width 1530mm in total height 1870mm Tar 78 hours* Water -cooled 4 -cylinder 3 -cylinder 3 cylinder*15, 5 horsepower*Running: Hydraulic Motor type HST HSTless transmission*330L Clean -tank*Cold type Over -the -counter*Automatic depth control*Kinbaring oat clam*Collection*Collection* Middle oil* Mowing gear shift: Low -speed. Standard*Sitting and sitting grass kankura Same: 330x79x36 (maintenance contents)*Engin oil replacement*Extension L Exchange*Transmissing 3L 3L replacement *Battery 40B19L replacement (new one after sale)*V -bet inspection (deteriorated belt has been replaced)*Aquarium cleaning*Family tension adjustment*Gap adjustment of cut tooth removal gap adjustment Cleaned to* Details and detached cleaning adjustments*Route check -out*Each section, tension adjustment*Undergus, kigo body rust prevention paint finish*Operation of each part (other) operation (Other) It is still available.*Left Gum Claw: As shown in the image, there is little decrease and it is very beautiful. As soon as you replace it with a new one, we will hand it over.*Engin: It is in great shape with one shot start. It is stable from the idring to the high -speed range.*I think it is a very beautiful product as shown in the image, but for a used car. Please note that there are some dirt, scratches, some dents, etc.**The operation has been confirmed by gaps. Please note that the increase in the number of oters may increase slightly depending on the movement.**Please feel free to contact us, such as checking the current car, land transport quote. **In the case of picking up by the customer and in the case of our company (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. Please use the bank transfer.*For inquiries, please contact the person in charge. Please feel free to contact us.*Other detailed images are also posted on our home page. Please check the images for maintenance.

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