Yanmar PeS-1A (7308)

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Control No. 7308
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2022-05-29T17:07:28+00:00
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model PeS-1A
Horse Power 0
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Lightweight compact 4 with planted fertilizer

Easy operation with a simulated function

*Engin 4 horsepower reill start
*Power Stirring
*No brake
*Acsel Pedal
*Front wheel independent suspension
*CS lever (get off and operate)
*Walking handle
*Transplanted part -back mechanism
*Number of planted shares 50.60.70,80
*Unit Clatch
*Naeidai Raille Folding
*Sliding extension seedlings
*Light tra loading can be loaded

It will be handed over after cleaning and maintenance.

(All when planting, engine coils, leons, plugs, jeint boots, etc., during inspection and maintenance, all parts are replaced when replacing the operation confirmation.)

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