Iseki RE50-DH (7227)

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Control No. 7227
Machine Type Reaper Binders
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New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model RE50-DH
Horse Power 0
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


2 -wheeled 2 -wheeled 2 -row binder "Miho 50"

■ Maintenance status: Used goods have been maintained
■ Maker: Izhi
■ Product name / Model: Miho 50 Binder
■ Model: Re50-DH
■ Dimensions (long x width x height): approximate 1795 x 780 x 980mm
■ Weight: 137kg
■ Fuel: Gasolin
■ Maximum output: 5.3 horsepower
■ Total displacement: 171cc
■ Tank capacity: 3.4L
■ Number of gear gears: forward 3 / backward 3
■ Power width: 570mm
■ Palcance range: 35 ~ 60
■ Applicable crop: rice / wheat
■ Applicable crop all length: 600 ~ 1200 mm
■ Work efficiency (minute/10a): 40-60

[Other equipment function]
・ Hairag Tires
・ Parking brake
・ Kimping anthropolic (automatic class)
・ Intensive lubrication device
・ Worklit
・ Auxiliary design

・ It is easy to use with a lightweight compact, and can be stable even in wet fields.
・ Cutting work can be performed efficiently by adopting the guide balanced design and the adoption of the body diameter tires.
・ Easy way to pass the string
・ Easy starting with the engine with easy -to -start!
・ Because it has been maintained, you can use it immediately.
・ There are some rust and dirt peculiar to agricultural equipment, but you can use it without any problems.

[Work efficiency: 40-60 minutes/10A]
* It is a guide to cutting about 1,000 square meters per rice field in 40-60 minutes.

* The ones in the photo are all
* We recommend checking the actual item for used goods.
* Since all old farmers are available, we have received a lot of inquiries.
* If you want to know more detailed information about the condition, please feel free to contact us.

★ Shipping method ・ Shipping ★
・ Direct delivery
・ Arrangement of delivery company by our shop
・ Arrangement of delivery company by customer

Delivery is possible in either method.

* The shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
* We will calculate and present the shipping fee based on your address.
(It is also possible to contact us in advance)

★ About Palate Delivery ★
* In the case of a packed delivery, if the customer does not have a unloaded device (forklifting, etc.), the delivery will be the sales office of the nearby shipping company, and it is necessary to go to the product with a light track. Please be careful.

★ Notes ★
・ We are conducting one operation inspection, but we do not perform actual work inspections.
・ Please note that there are some places that cannot be confirmed due to the nature of the product.
・ The warranty card is not included.
・ If you have any status of the product or any questions, please be sure to contact us in advance.

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