Iseki PG53 (6568)

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Control No. 6568
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2021-10-24T15:04:57+00:00
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Manufacturer Iseki
Model PG53
Horse Power 0
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintenance Required


[Capital information]
Manufacturer: Iseki
Model: PG53
Planted Article Article 5 (Text planting)
Planting method: Rotary
Art: 30 cm Specifications
Number of plants: 37. 42. 50. 60. 70. 80
Planted stocks:
Engine type: gasoline
Hour: (H)
※ As there are movements in the warehouse, etc., please acknowledge some errors.

Status: Steady state:
Management base: Hyogo Prefecture Kishinetsu City third yard
Management number: 1770

[Equipment without]
Horizontal automatic: None
Makoukko (Rotor): None
Granular fertilizer: None
Paste fertilizer: None
Herbicide spray machine: None
Pharmaceutical (bactericidal agent) spreader: None
Auxiliary wheel (inner): None
Auxiliary wheels (outside): None
Auxiliary seedling seedlings: None
Seedlings Slider: None
Direct sowing part: None
Other equipment:

○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ There is no accessories
〇 We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at the present situation. As you can see about the degree of damage, please consider inspection results and photos carefully. .

[Exterior part inspection]
Model nameplate seal failure
No type seal
Bonnet breakage
Sheet partial damage ※ There is a break
Deck (foot moving part) No damage
Seedlings of seedlings Tate partial breakage ※ Protection part
Front wheel wheel cover (right) No breakage
Front wheel cover cover (left) No breakage
Equipment version (float) no damage

[Results result] ※ Only defective item

Engine oil [2. dirt]
Botch axis [33. Oil leakage] Yes (right)

[Results] All items
The following is the entire item of inspection results of this machine.
▼ Body
Engine oil [1.%] 2/3 or more
Engine oil [2. dirt]
England Bolt [3. Oil] None
Engine Oil Filter [4. Oil] None
Radiator [5. Exterior deformation] Non-loaded
Radiator [6. Amount] Non-loaded [Note 1]
Radiator [7. Color] not installed
Radiator [8. Water leak]
Reserve tank [9. Water leak]
Reserve Tank [10. Damaged] Non-loaded
Reserve Tank [11. Amount] Non-loaded [Note 1]
Water pump (alternator) belt [12. Yurumi] not installed
Water pump (alternator) belt [13. Crack] not installed
Hydraulic belt [14. Yurumi] normal
Hydraulic belt [15. Crack] None
Hydraulic belt [16. Wear] None
Traveling belt [17. Yurumi] normal
Running belt [18. Crack] None
Running belt [19. Wear] None
Engine fan [20. Gata / deformation] None
Fuel filter [21. Fuel leak]
Air Cleaner Element [22. Dirt] None
Air Cleaner Element [23. Damage] None
Battery [24. Body Expansion] No expansion [Note 2]
Battery [25. Liquid amount] Appropriate amount [Note 2]
Engine club fuel hose [26. Fuel leak]
Front wheel tire [27. Wear] degree [Note 3]
Front wheel tire [28. Cracking] almost no [Note 3]
Posterior wheel tire [29. Wear] Good [Note 3]
Rear wheel tire [30. Cracked] almost no [Note 3]
Bear shaft (vertical) [31. Oil leakage]
Building (horizontal) [32. oil leakage]
Botch axis [33. Oil leakage] Yes (right)
Lift cylinder [34. Oil leak]
Planting nail [35. Damage (shortage)] None
Planting nail [36. Deformation]
Push Rod [37. Damaged (Stock)] None ※ Gris leak
Push Rod [38. Deformation] None
Makurakko (ロ ロ) [39. Damage (shortage)] not installed
Light [40. On] normal
Winker (previous) [41. Blinking]
Winker (later) [42. Blink] normal
Horn [43. Sound] Normal
Engine start [44. Operation] It takes [Note 4]
Exhaust [45. Smoke] normal
Brake [46. Operation] Normal
Advanced and reverse (driving) [47. Operation] normal
Swirling [48. Operation (right)] Normal
Swirling [49. Operation (left)] Normal
Power Stone [50. Operation] Normal
Sub-transmission switching [51. Operation] normal
Sercunes (stock) switching [52. Operation] normal
Seedling ride upper and lower [53. Rising / fall] normal
Seedling Road Natural descent [54. Operation] None [Note 5]
Marker [55. Operation] Normal
Planting depth switching lever [56. Operation] normal
Seedling volume adjustment lever [57. Smoke] normal
Hydraulic sensing control [58. Operation] normal [Note 6]
Automatic horizontal control [59. Operation]
Pompalever [60. Operation] Normal
Backup [61. Operation] Normal
Transfer behavior [62. Operation] normal [Note 7]
Vertical feed operation [63. Operation] normal [Note 8]
Explanching operation (rotary, crank case) [64. Operation] normal [Note 9]
Nail operation (planar arm) [65. Operation] normal [Note 10]
Condition clutch [66. Operation] normal
Makoukko (ロ) [67. Operation]
Seedlings Alarm [68. Operation] Normal

▼ Direct sowing department
Hopper [69. Damage] Non-loaded
Hopper part lid [70. Damage] Non-loaded
Verification of delivery operation [71. Operation]

▼ Fertilization part (granular)
Hopper [72. Damage] Non-loaded
Hopper part lid [73. Damage] Non-loaded
Hopper part rubber cover [74. Damage] Non-loaded
Fertilizer hose [75. Damage] Non-loaded
Conditioning lever [76. Operation] not installed
Broider motor [77. Operation] Non-loaded
Fertilization operation confirmation [78. Operation]

▼ Fertilization part (paste)
Tank [79. Damage] Non-loaded
Tank club lid [80. Damaged] not installed
Fertilizer hose [81. Damage] Non-loaded
Conditioning lever [82. Operation] not installed
Fertilization operation confirmation [83. Operation]

▼ Herbicide sprayer
Tank [84. Damaged] Non-loaded
Tank club lid [85. corrupted] Non-loaded
Scatter operation confirmation [86. Operation]

▼ Medical spreader
Tank [87. Damaged] Non-loaded
Tank club lid [88. corrupted] Non-loaded
Scatter operation confirmation [89. Operation]

▼ Problems other than inspection items, missing, other

Note 1: If replenishment can be performed, it will be shipped.
Note 2: Shield type and confirmation type are all considered to be normal.
Note 3: Please be sure to check wear and consumption with photos.
Note 4: If it is difficult to take or something, it will be described in the state.
Note 5: Seedlings and Hydraulic Retain Lever, Hydraulic Return Lever, "Fixed", and recognize that it does not drop naturally if it is not 10 cm or more within 1 minute in the engine stop state.
Note 6: While the hydraulic sensing function is "reacted", it does not confirm until "sensitivity".
Note 7: Example: Verify that you want to operate twice twice at the time of 20 horizontal feeds (seedlings are not actually used).
Note 8: Verify that the seedling feed belt is operating. Do not check the detailed part such as what CM sent, all the above-mentioned equivalent.
Note 9: Planting unit Check the operation of the rotary (crank) case.
Note 10: Check the operation of the push rod.
Note 11: Only the operation confirmation of the tanes / fertilizer / herbicide / bactericide is not performed. Because it is not inspected, confirmation of the remaining amount sensor, the supply amount adjustment dial, the amount of delivery, etc. is not examined. Please check the customer at the time of actual work ..

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