Yanmar EG120 J-change ノークラ仕様 (6429)

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Control No. 6429
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2021-09-21T12:13:26+00:00
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model EG120 J-change ノークラ仕様
Horse Power 20
Hour Meter 200
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


■ Product Description
Model name: Yanmar EG120 J-CHANGE
Operation time: 200 hours
Horce: 20 hp
Rotary: Yanmar RA140SG
Auto Device: Automatic Horizontal Control, Automatic Deepening Department
Tires: front wheel 9 minutes mountain, posterior wheel 9 minutes
Nail: 9 minutes

■ Inspection, maintenance, replacement item
Engine Oil: Newly replaced
Oil Element: New Replaced
Radiator Cooling Water: New Replaced
Fuel Separator: Newly replaced
Chain Case Oil: New Replaced
Fan belt: Checked
Battery: Pointed, charging

■ Product Description
It is the goods receipt of the Extra Yanmar Egotra EG120 J-CHANGE.
It is a very beautiful condition for the 200 hours of operation time and photo.
Engine starting, driving, and each other operation was confirmed.
The upper model J-CHANGE is a no clutch multi-stage shift, and the speed is smoothly selected for work and field conditions, and the stop can be selected simply by stepping on the brake, and it is safe to stop sloping.
In addition, without a clutch operation, it is equipped with "power reverser" which can be advanced back and forth.

■ Notes
※ Because of the nature of second-hand goods, there may be an overview and lack of knowledge regarding the product evaluation and impressions, so please confirm the actual item.

※ Please use the no return no return of the present.
· Accessories are all photos.
· Saves-specific Sabi-dents, scratches, etc.
· I checked the operation including the driving and work machine, but I did not check the operation in farmland.
· Products are stored in the warehouse.
· With regard to maintenance inspections, it does not guarantee the delivery after delivery.

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