Iseki TC13 (5382)

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Control No. 5382
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2021-01-27T15:16:23+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TC13
Horse Power 13
Hour Meter 373
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 2700 x 1700 x 1750
Maintenance Maintenance Required


"New Year holiday notice

We will leave the following schedule for the New Year holidays.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your consideration.

New Year holidays: From December 29, 202 (Wed) to January 5, 2022 (Wed)

※ We will respond sequentially from January 6 (Thursday) January 6, 202, 2022 for inquiries during the closing period.

[Capital information]
Manufacturer: Iseki
Model: TC13
Horce: 13 (PS)
Hour: 373 (H)
※ As there are movements in the warehouse, etc., please acknowledge some errors.

Total length: 2700 (mm)
All Width: 1700 (mm)
Total height: 1750 (mm)

▼ Rotary
Rotary manufacturer: Iseki
Rotary type: ARC11
Cultivated width: 1100 (mm)

Status: Steady state:
Management base: Hyogo
Management number: 1208

[Equipment without]
Cabin: None
Automatic: None
Power Stone: None
Automatic horizontal control: None
Automatic cultivation: Yes
Double speed turn: None
Auto Brake Turn; None
Backup: None
Peeling up: None
Shift stage number: Advanced 6 speed / reverse 2 speed
PTO shift stage number: two normal rotation
Independent PTO: None
External hydraulic pressure: None
Pwallion: None
Other equipment:

[Please confirm the following]
○ Engine start-up
○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed.
○ There is no accessories
○ We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at the present situation. Please consider the following and look at the result of inspection.

[Exterior part inspection]
Type Nameplate Seal: No Damaged
Model seal (left, right): no damage
Sheet: No damage
Bonnet front: partial damage
Bonnet: No damage
Bonnet (left, right): No damage
Fender (left, right): no damage
Side Mirror (Left / Right): Not Mounted
Previous Wheel (left, right): No damage
Wail (left · right): no damage
Cabin roof: not installed

[Example of inspection]
※ We only describe the inconvenient item.

Engine oil [2. dirt]
Radiator [7. Color] Water (Transparent)
Radiator [8. Water leak]
Fan belt [13. Crack]
Fanbert [14. Wear] Somewhat
Front wheel tire [27. Wear] Normal left and right
Botch axis [35. Oil leakage] (left) stain
Engine start [56. Operation] Battery
Nail [103. Wear] Normal

[Steady item]
We inspect the following items.
▼ Body
Engine oil [1.%] 2/3 or more, 2/3 or less, or below the gauge
Engine oil [2. Not dirt] None (tolerance) · Somewhat
England Bolt [3. Oil] None
Engine Oil Filter [4. Oil] None
Radiator [5. Exterior part deformation] Almost scratched and scratched
Radiator [6.] Normal, less
Radiator [7. Color] normal, water (transparent), discoloration
Radiator [8. Water leaks]
Reserve Tank [9. Water Leaks]
Reserve Tank [10. Damage] None · A part shortage
Reserve tank [11.] Imaging / small
Fanbert [12. Yurumi] normal, somewhat loose and loose
Fanbert [13. Crack] None
Fan Belt [14. Wear] None · Somewhat
Air Conditioner Belt [15. Yurumi] Normal, Somewhat loose and loose
Air Conditioner Belt [16. Crack] None
Air Conditioner Belt [17. Wear] None · Somewhat
Engine fans [18. Gata / deformation] None · Awa · Damage
Fuel filter [19. dirt]
Fuel filter [20. Cock fixing]
Fuel filter [21. Fuel leak]
Air Cleaner Element [22. Dirty] None
Air Cleaner Element [23. Damage] None · There is a stock
Battery [24. Body Expansion] Expansion and expansion
Battery [25. Liquid volume] Aptitude, gauge or higher, or less
Engine club fuel hose [26. Fuel leak]
Front wheel tire [27. Wear] is good, good for ordinary and worse
Front wheel tire [28. Cracking] Almost no (right) · A (left)
Rear wheel tire [29. Wear] degree Good · Normal · degree bad
Rear wheel tires [30. Cracking] almost no (right) · (left)
Bear shaft (vertical) [31. Oil leakage] No (right) · A (left)
Before the front axle (horizontal) [32. Oil leak], there is no (right), there (left)
Advance vehicle oil [33.] Aptitude, many, fewer
Mission oil [34.] Aptitude, many, less
Back Axis [35. Oil Leak] No (Right), A (Left)
Crawler [36. Hibi cracks (crawler cracks)] None (right) · A good (left)
Crawler [37. Hibi crack (core part)] No (right) · A good (left)
Drive sprocket [38. Wear] No (right) · A good (left)
Drive sprocket [39. Oil leak] No (right) · A good (left)
Roller (roller) [40. Second attachment] None (right) · A good (left)
PTO Axis [41. Oil Leak]
Universal joint [42. Operation] normal / abnormal
Universal joint [43. Cover] No damage / corruption
Power St. Cylinder [44. Oil Leak]
Horizontal cylinder [45. Oil leak]
Top Link [46. Adjustment of Length] Adjustable / Estimated
Check chain [47. Adjustment length adjustment] adjustable / fixing (right), fixing (left)
In-panel lamp [48. On / Operation] normal / abnormal
Light (low) [49. On] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Light (high) [50. On] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Brake lamp [51. On] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Backlight [52. On] normal, abnormality
Winker (previous) [53. Blink] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Winker (after) [54. Blink] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Horn [55. Sound] Normal / Abnormality
Engine start [56. Operation]
Exhaust [57. Smoke] normal and abnormal
Clutch [58. Operation] Normal / Abnormality
Brake [59. Play] Normal, Anomaly (right), Anomaly (left)
Brake [60. Effective] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Power Stone [61. Operation] Normal / Abnormality
Advanced and reverse [62. Operation] normal and abnormal
Each shift switching (gear) [63. Operation] normal / abnormal
Each shift switching (Automa) [64. Operation] normal / abnormality
PTO operation [65. Operation] normal / abnormal
Rotary lifting [66. Operation] normal / abnormal
Rotary spinning [67. Operation]
Conval flow rate adjustment [68. Operation] normal / abnormal
Two-four-driveration [69. Operation] normal / abnormal
Automatic cultivation depth [70. Operation] normal, abnormality, or other (no rotary oil)
Automatic horizontal control [71. Operation] normal / abnormal
Double Speed ​​Turn [72. Operation] Normal, Anomaly (right), Anomaly (left)
Auto Brake Turn [73. Operation] Normal, Anomaly (right), Anomaly (left)
Pompavival (one touch lift) [74. Operation] normal / abnormal
Backup [75. Operation] Normal / abnormality
Pivoting up [76. Operation] normal / abnormal
Radio [77. Operation] normal / abnormal
Air conditioner [78. Cooling] normal and abnormal
Air conditioner [79. Air volume change] normal / abnormal
Washer Tank [80. Damage] None · A missing thing · Swimming pool
Wiper (previous) [81. Operation] normal and abnormal
Wiper (front) [82. Rubber wear] Almost no deterioration and deterioration
Wiper (front) [83. Washer fluid] out of
Wiper (after) [84. Operation] normal / abnormal
Wiper (later) [85. Rubber wear] Almost no deterioration and deterioration
Wiper (later) [86. Washer fluid] out of
Work light [87. Previous] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Work light [88.] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Room light [89. On] normal and abnormal
Cigarette socket [90. Operation] normal and abnormal
Door damper [91. Operation] normal, abnormality (right), error (left)
Side glass damper [92. Operation] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Rear glass damper [93. Operation] normal, abnormality (right), abnormality (left)
Window glass [94. Damaged]
Door Mall [95. Damage] No
Antenna [96. Damage] None ·

▼ Rotary
Chain Case Oil [97.] Normal, less
Chain Case Oil [98. Color] Normal / Abnormality
Chain Case Oil [99. Oil Leak]
Gear case oil [100.] Normal, less
Gear case oil [101. color] normal / abnormal
Gear case oil [102. Oil leak]
Nail [103. Wear] degree good, normal, worse
Nail [104. Stock / Damage] None
Nail shaft [105. Gata]
Nail shaft [106. Damage]
Protector [107. Wear hole] No, right, right, left

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