Kubota KL500H-PC (5033)

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Control No. 5033
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2020-10-26T15:34:03+00:00
New/Used New
Manufacturer Kubota
Model KL500H-PC
Horse Power 50
Hour Meter 1754
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 3535 x 1535 x 2730
Maintenance Maintenance Required


【Product Summary】 Manufacturer: Kubota Product Name: Tractor Model: KL500H-PC Condition: inspected Storage location: Narita Warehouse 【specification】 Manufacturer: Kubota Model: KL500H-PC Horse power: 50 hp Awameter: 1754h ※ We would like to acknowledge some errors because there are movements in the warehouse etc. Total length × Total x total width: 3535 × 2730 × 1535 mm 【function】 Shearing: Manual Shift stage number: 20 speeds and reverse 20 speeds PTO: Powered 4 speed, reverse 1 speed Secondary shift: 2 steps ○ Powerste ¥ 4WD ○ Automatic horizontal ○ Automatic cultivation 〇 速 speed turn · AD double speed 【Status】 ○ Engine start-up ○ Operation confirmation ※ Continuous use in actual work is not performed. ○ There is no accessory. ※ We are careful about inspection etc., but it will be handed over at present. [Storage] ▼ Body Engine oil ∟ 異 abnormal: no problem ∟ Discoloration: Yes Drain bolt ∟ Oil leaks: no problem Engine oil filter ∟ ∟: no problem Radiator ∟ 変 Exterior deformation: no problem ∟ 異 abnormal: no problem ∟ Discoloration: No problem Reserve tank ∟ 異 abnormal: small amount Fan belt ∟ 緩:: Yes ∟ Crack: No problem ∟∟∟: Yes Air Conditioner Belt ∟∟: No problem ∟ Crack: No problem ∟∟∟: No problem Engine fans ∟ Gata / Deformation: No problem Fuel filter cartridge ∟∟ Dirty, water contamination: Yes ∟ cock fixing: ∟ Leakage: no problem Air cleaner element ∟ dirt: Yes Battery ∟∟ Body expansion: no problem ∟ ∟ 異 abnormality: no problem ∟∟ Mounting bracket: There is a rust Lord ∟ Oil leaks: Yes (AD cable boot breakage of double speed valve) Inner hose in the engine ∟ Crack and damage: No problem ▼ Running part Tire ∟∟: no problem ∟ Cracking: Located in the rear wheel Front axle oil Lack of amount: no problem Bear shaft oil (left, inside and outside) ∟ Oil leaks: Bear shaft oil (right, inside and outside) ∟ Oil leaks: no problem Mission oil Insufficient amount: Yes Late axis oil (left) ∟ Oil leaks: no problem Bear shaft oil (right) ∟ Oil leaks: Pto axis ∟ ∟: No problem Lift rod ∟ Sabi: Yes Check chain (left and right) ∟∟∟: Yes ▼ Electronix part Impartial lamp ∟∟: There is a problem (engine hydraulic lamp lighting) Light ∟∟: No problem Blinker ∟∟: No problem Horn Sounds: No problem ▼ Operation Engine start Sounds: No problem Smoke: No problem Clutch ∟ ∟: No problem ∟ Play: No problem Brake (left and right) ∟ ∟: No problem ∟ ∟: Yes (left, deep) Various operation lever ∟∟ Operation: No problem PTO operation ∟ Operation: No problem Automatic horizontal ∟ Operation: No problem Double-speed turn ∟ Operation: No problem AD double speed ∟ Operation: No problem Pompa ∟ Operation: No problem Backup ∟ Operation: No problem Auto-up ∟ Operation: No problem ▼ Cabin Radio ∟作: no problem Air conditioner ∟作: no problem Wiper (front) ∟ Rubber wear: no problem ∟ Washer fluid: no problem Wiper (after) ∟ Rubber wear: Yes ∟ Washer fluid: no problem Work light ∟作: no problem Room light (cleaning required) ∟∟: No problem Cigar socket ∟作 ∟作: Yes Door damper ∟ ∟: no problem window ∟ Rear mall Antenna ∟ ∟: no problem · Automatic depth wire failure · Front bumper shortage · Clutch housing OK Engine cylinder block-plug replaced · Posterior wheel sprocket-Left and right swans · Posterior wheel (right) -Idora pre-oil leak · Posterior wheel (right) -Bear of roller-Gata and oil leak · Posterior wheel (right) -Clorer-cracked · Posterior wheel (right) -Frame-Bending · Posterior wheel (left) -Eidra-Oil leak · Posterior wheel (left) -Wheel after roller-Gata oil leak · Posterior wheel (left) -Crawler core part crack

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