Yanmar RG6 (24333)

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Control No. 24333
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2023-04-15 14:21:46 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model RG6
Horse Power 17.4
Hour Meter 134
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 2200x3650x1850
Weight 800
Maintenance Maintained


It is purchased by farming, and it can be used immediately after cleaning / inspection, and it has been maintained. It is an aircraft used until last year. By all means check the actual product! Planting standard specifications (dense seedlings (dough) specifications) ● Article 6 planting rice planting machine ● RG6 ● 時間 ー ー ー ー 水 筒 筒 筒 水 水 水 水 3 V shift ● UFO horizontal control ● Healthy lotor (polisher lotor) ● with fertilizer ● Herbicide sprayer (PSR602) ● Size (measurement) Length: 365cm width: 220cm height: 185cm ● Weight: Approximately 800kg ・状態など】☆ エンジンオイル交換☆ ラジエター冷却水点検☆ エアーフィルター清掃☆ バッテリー:エンジン始動良好☆ 各所オイル漏れ、燃料漏れは見られません。☆ タイヤ状態良好。 (写真をご参照ください)☆ ゴムブーツNo cracks. ☆ Lover, no paddal sticky ☆ Maker Wire tension adjustment operation OK ☆ Running, planting unit operation OK ☆ Planting portion lubrication ☆ Planting claws good ☆ Features, soba spraying operation confirmation ☆ Each event Focus After confirming the operation, including running for about 10 minutes after OK maintenance, the operation was confirmed, but there were no abnormalities or abnormal noise. We did not demonstrate in the field. Please note that even if it is a standard accessory, such as instruction manual is not included in the photo. You can see the instruction manual from the maker -like home page. * Store the product in the warehouse. Doing.

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