Iseki TH185-BA13V (24064)

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Control No. 24064
Machine Type Tractors
Last Updated(JST) 2023-02-27 11:10:08 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Iseki
Model TH185-BA13V
Horse Power 18.5
Hour Meter 309
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H)
Maintenance Maintained


Ide clock 18.5 horsepower, padas, automatic horizontal, automatic horizontal, automatic cultivated, double -speed, ultra -low speed, front and back, リ リ リ リ リ リ リ リ リ リ 進 進 前 前 前 前 ・ ・ ・ ・ Side 1m30cm Reversal [Tape on seats Refer to image 2 4] (Note) About public road driving of a tractor with a work machine! (1) A large special license is required if the width is over 1m70cm. 。 (3) Drive hanah, etc. must be particularly noted. (4) Unlicensed operation, a fine of 500,000 yen or less, cancellation of license, a license cannot be obtained for at least 2 years. Article 4 Please confirm the components, etc. at the time of purchase (6) Please obtain a large special license (for agricultural). "There are small tires of tires that do not have any problem in using dirt on used machines. Easy cleaning repair. Delivery of painting. Environmental pollution soil pollution does not perform unnecessary repainting that leads to the pollution cost Up. 。 (Note) Country fee Product Product Product Product Products 10 Persons, Cancellation Fees after arranging delivery will be charged for 20 Personents. TPC153CXZ Full Clapes Equipment [Business negotiation] ヒ ミ ミ ミ ミ】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 KE1D cultivation In stock with deep reversal [Selling] Izhi RTS18Q Full equipment in stock (current machine) [Selling] Iki TM16KXZ Full equipment in stock [business negotiations] In stock with cultivated reversal [Sold] None) ヤ KE14 Full Equipment in stock [business negotiations] ミ ミ ミ ミ ミ】】】 ク】】】 ミ 【】 ク ミ ク ク ク ッ ッ ク】 ク ク】 Returned in stock EG116 Full equipment in stock TC13X horizontal cultivated deep reversal in stock, KB18 Full Equipment Issuko TH18Q Full Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Ingredients In stock, TH213 Semi -Cloller Raid 1m60㎝ Lotary GS20 Full equipment in stock [Sold] Iki THS22UKXZ Full equipment in stock [Selling] Izhi ATK250U Full equipment in stock [business negotiations] [Large special license required] タ 型 型】 ホ】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 Equipment arrival [ Large special license required] [Selling] ク ク】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 3B Full equipment in stockタ タPlease contact us for details, price, etc. during maintenance. 。 Used riding rice planting machine arrival information PQZ4DUL ル ハ なら なら なら なら なら なら 枕 枕 枕 なら なら なら ならSeri PaStarotari 37 -shareholding Supported Power Treasure Palace with Lotor Lotor PQZ4DUL Seruta 37 Shade planting Personal Nashikashi Letter Lotus Lotus Right PES1 In stock PP4 in stock [Sold already] In stock for PE1A PES1 Righted Mitsui LC4 ) Passage Clankle コ コ セ セ セ セ セ セ セ セ セ))))))))))) Padestrotal 37 Shadow Filling Personal Nashikashi Nashikubota JC3 stock [Selling] Ichi PQZ45SULF Sel Passerotarian fertilizer 37 Shake -shaped planting Supporting Publishing Packed Packed Pack Packed Packed Packer 37 fertilizer 37 -stock compatible policy Included [During business negotiations] Iki PPZ4DLF PPZ4DLF Passy Clank Federation 37 Shadow-compatible Personal Lantern Rota Lotor Lotor Lotor Ingredce JC3 In stock PQZ4DULF Sel Passus Lotary Fertilizer 37 Shade planting Perspiece P-4 50F Seriko Passo Lotary Fertilizer Police Polar Railway Nashi Nashi Nashi Nashi Nashi Nashi Nashi Lv4 Passo Lotarotaria Person Polar Power Lanashi Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Cube JC4A Pass Clank Rotating Makka 1 Froot Included RPQ40DLF Selpa Step 37 fertilizer 37 -stock compatible policy -ni Nashika [Business negotiations] Iki PQZ45DULF Passo Letty fertilizer 37 -share -shaped planting Perspective PPZ4SD PPZ4SD Pass Clank Lecoil 37 Shake -shared planting PQZ45DULF Caltar Passo Star 377777. Inspection of stock -compatible policy -ni Please contact us for details, details, etc. during maintenance.

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