Sale price¥2,353,136
In stock
Control No. 23121
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-02-13 21:05:35 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer #N/A
Model VS323
Horse Power 23
Hour Meter 155
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1680x3370x1980
Weight 1450
Maintenance Maintained


Mitsubishi Convention VS323 (Unit: 70210) Awometer 155 hours Both beautiful goods Gamukurora Left and right have been replaced with new items! Mowing*23 horsepower ensign*155 hours*driving hydraulic motor type HST non -transmission*2 -step folding type Occupure*600L Deep Deep Sea Shit*Lifting Shit*Forced Kakikomi*Breaking down調整ダイヤル*手もとナローガイド*手もと排ワラ.カッタ切り替え*オーガ旋回*駐車ブレーキ*コンポアップ*緊急停止*集中注油*ゴムクローラー幅:330mm(整備内容)*エンジンオイル4.7L交換*トランスミッションオイル5.7L交換*油圧作動油オイル11L 交換*不凍液(クーラント)交換*集中注油オイル0.5L交換*エンジンオイルフィルター交換*HSTオイルフィルター交換*油圧オイルフィルター交換*エアクリーナーエレメント交換*燃料エレメント交換*ゴムクローラー左右とも交換*Battery replacement (new one after sale)*1 piece of cut blade*Shake plate Side shield replacement (left and right)*Replacement of rings 5 ​​pieces 35 Replacement (Exhaust Driving Belt) SA-43 replacement (1st Laison Drive Bat) SB-39 replacement (Kaving Belet) SB-50 replacement (Running Belet) SB-52 replacement (Grain input Belt) SB-53 replacement (horizontal) replacement Lean drive Belt) SB-53 exchange (Transported HST drive Bet) SB-64 replacement (selection Belet) SB-94 replacement (Cutter Belt) SC-89 replacement (Squid body driving Belt)*Exclusive transport Belt replacement*Family Adjustment*Kaifile: Dress and detachable gap adjustment assembly*Cultivated Side Cover (Right) replacement*Each part, Tension adjustment*Gamun Clear tension adjustment* (Other information)*Right Gum Clawer: Please be assured that we have replaced it with a new one. It is good. I exchanged 8 deteriorated babies. Bateli: As soon as the sale is decided, we will replace it with a new one and we will hand it over.**Kawn: less reduced and good. Gap adjustment Over Hall. It can be used.*Engin: It is in great shape with a single start. It is stable from the ideas to the high -speed range.*Exterior: It is beautiful and solid as shown in the image. I think it is a very beautiful product, but I think it is a used car. For some time, there are some dirt, scratches, squirrels, etc.*Engin Reme: It is a relatively beautiful state because it was a garage storage item. Also there is also.*Please feel free to contact us for confirmation of the current car and land transportation quote. If the timing matches, you may be able to deliver cheaply by mixed flight, so please feel free to contact us.*Customers picked up. Cash exchange is also possible in case and in the case of delivery (nearby prefectures). In other cases, please use a bank transfer.*Many detailed images are posted on our home page. Please check it because it is posted.*For inquiries, please contact us to your mobile phone. In charge: 090-2137-0149

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