Kubota EP4-S (22044)

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Control No. 22044
Machine Type Transplanter
Last Updated(JST) 2023-01-23 20:43:54 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Kubota
Model EP4-S
Horse Power 6
Hour Meter
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Size(L × W × H) 1340x2240x1340
Weight 210
Maintenance Maintained


Crack butter riding rice planting machine EP4-S (Unit: 55086) It is a machine that is very low in the world. Driving*Power Staring*Gasolin Engine*Maximum output: 6.3 horsepower*Clank -type planting*Running HST HST HSTless transmission *あぜぎわクラッチ*デフロック*回転式ラインマーカー(風車マーカ)(整備内容)*エンジンオイル交換*リアアクスルオイル交換*トランスミッションオイル補充*前車軸ケース分解グリース交換*植付け爪ケース専用グリース重鎮*点火プラグBP6HS Replacement*fuel cocks replacement*V-bite SB-32 exchange*Aquarium sponge replacement*2 fuel hoses*Capricorn Over Hall*Diring adjustment*Each partial solution is cleaning (Other) It is stable.*The front wheel tires: As shown in the image, there is little decrease and it is very beautiful.*The rear wheel tires are still small and very beautiful as shown in the image. It is in a state. The decrease is still small and it is still available.*I think that it is a very beautiful product with an old man, but please note that there are some dirt, scratches, rust, etc. Estimate Please feel free to contact us.**If the timing is right, you may be able to deliver cheaply by mixed flights. Please feel free to contact us.*In case of cash exchange, our company It is possible to handle only if it is possible to deliver (nearby prefectures). Please contact the mobile phone in charge for other information.*Detailed images are also posted on our home page.

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