Yanmar YH214 (21923)

Control No. 21923
Machine Type Combine Harvesters
Last Updated(JST) 2023-01-20 21:16:43 +0900
New/Used Used
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model YH214
Horse Power 14
Hour Meter 30
Drive Type
Fuel Type Diesel
Size(L × W × H) 1615x2750x1520
Weight 900
Maintenance Maintained


Yanmaron -Bin YH214 bag removal body number: 300691 Current year! Only 30 hours! Super beautiful (aircraft size) Total length: 2750mm full width: 1615mm full height: 1520mm weight: 900kg (engine information)*14 horsepower dialogue*2 Clow in the clow*30 hours*Hopper bag bag removal specifications*100L tank*Picking depth*Calculation Sliding*discharge switch switching (kutter.ゴムクローラーサイズ:330x38x72(整備内容)*エンジンオイル交換*エンジンオイルフィルター交換*不凍液交換*バッテリー交換*エアクリーナーエレメント掃除*ファンベルト張り調整*Vベルト点検*燃料エレメント掃除*刈刃 脱着分解オーバーホール隙間調整Assembling*Deturation and detachment, tension adjustment assembly*Cleaning and detachment to the inside*Cleaned to each partial solution (other information)*Gamukurora: In the image, it is in a very beautiful state as shown in the image. It can be used.*Battery: As soon as the sale is decided, we will replace it with a new one and we will hand it over.*Engin: 1 -shot movement is in great shape. It is a very beautiful finest car. It is very beautiful, but it is used, so please note that there are some dirt and scratches.*In the engine round: It is in a very beautiful state because it is used time. It will be time. It may increase slightly depending on the movement within the company.*Please feel free to contact us for confirmation of the current car, land transport quote. In the case of our company's own flight (nearby prefectures), cash exchange is also possible. In other cases, there are many other detailed images in our home page. Please give me the maintenance scenery.

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